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Subcity at... Primavera

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Another year of Primavera Sound, another year we all scream in hysteria about the line up. It’s a festival that somehow manages to up its game year after year. The excitement we felt rumbling away in our bellies was almost too much to bear. Solange, Grace Jones, Van Morrison, Arcade Fire… just some of the main, absolutely m a s s i v e names to be making an appearance in Barcelona this year, along with the one and only Frank Ocean!

Oh wait…

Ocean’s cancellation on the Friday was undoubtedly a massive blow to all present and, as a result, Rose and I found that Friday missed a certain je ne sais quois. However, our discovery of our now new favourite band, Whitney, along with the crazy hysteria that overcame us as we crowd-surfed Mac DeMarco backstage was more than enough to lift our spirits, as well as the pure quality of the other two days.

Thursday saw our first day at the festival. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we leisurely made our way to Parc Del Forum to have a wander before the main acts took to the stage. The atmosphere at Primavera is hard to describe, apart from maybe just perfect. It’s a festival that hosts such a range of musical genres that it has something for literally everyone there (who, incidentally, are all sickeningly cool and, surprisingly, Scottish – we ended up wondering who was actually left in Glasgow). However, after perusing around the smaller stages, we headed over to Heineken and Mango to see a triple bill of amazement. Miguel, Solange and Bon Iver. Ahh, if heaven exists it’s surely in Miguel’s beautiful face and equally beautiful voice. We melted. This melting was accelerated, of course, when one of our main attractions took to the stage. Solange. Not much can really be said of that lady, because whenever words try to come out, they fail. She’s a goddess. A superstar. Her set reduced us to Goosebumps and tears of pure joy. Suddenly it was 7am and we were wandering home down a sun dabbled boulevard, dancing to Sophie Ellis Bexter. Life was good.

The beauty of festivals, though, is the ability to discover something new. Friday brought us to Whitney, Thursday we stumbled across No Zu, an Australian “heat beat” band, and Saturday Junun featuring Shye Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Express – bands we would definitely recommend looking up. On top of that, it’s the opportunity to see a pile-up of such big names all in the one place, and Saturday, for us, blew it out the water. Van Morrison, Teenage Fan Club (s/o for Rose’s favourite), Grace Jones and Arcade Fire. Woooaah is all that can be said about that I think.

Our Saturday night ended on Sunday at midday after a delightful sunrise and a sleepless and shaky, but nevertheless delightful breakfast. It was a weekend of wonders, of bumping into a ridiculous amount of familiar faces, of mind-blowing performances and top-class noodles for dinner, every night. I wonder what “best line-up ever” they’ll have for us next year…

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Words and Images by: Hannah Forsyth Listen at: subcity.org/shows/morningbreath


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