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strange paradise takeover

Wild Combination // 19.03.15 // Strange Paradise takeover

A special extended 2 hour takeover with special guests Charming Charlie Mccann and Funtime Fergus Clark alongside Drunken David Barbarossa ahead of our Strange Paradise March Vibeathon on Saturday night in Sleazys:

2 hours of the finest panglobal pandemonium, boozy boogie, tropical treats, paradise party jammers and records with sleeves partially eaten by rats.

Posted at 11:27, 19th March 2015

hot banana!

Wild Combination // 13.10.14 // Hot Banana!

Ahead of Strange Paradise in Sleazys this saturday - - I give you a taste of the Hot Banana.

An hour of the finest pan-global party pandemonium. Slip inside this house.

Posted at 12:16, 13th October 2014

if loving you is a crime, i'd gladly do the time

Wild Combination // 05.08.14 // If loving you is a crime, I'd gladly do the time

This weeks Wild Combination isn't a mix, barely even a radio show. It's probably more of a listening session. Jam-packed with recent finds, old favourites, dancefloor debris and other cosmic slop.

Turn on, tune in, hang out.

Posted at 11:19, 5th August 2014

one for the outlaws

Wild Combination // 06.05.14 // One for the Outlaws

This last weekend I was lucky enough to spend a few days playing records in the wonderful Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds. 3 days of hanging out, listening to great music, eating and drinking with friends old and new.

If you're ever in that part of the world then it should be your first stop. Even if you're not, you should take the time to visit.

So, my selections today are a mixture of the most asked about and my personal favourites from the weekend. They should sound good with a pork pie with homemade brown sauce in one hand and a Siberia Rhubarb Saison in the other.

Posted at 11:36, 6th May 2014

sweet dreams of love for zombies in the rye

Wild Combination // 04.03.14 // Sweet dreams of love for zombies in the rye

David Barbarossa is back, channeling the spirits (and possibly imbibing some) for an hour of riotous wrong speeders, choice charity shop chances, post-punk pleasures, old favourites and brand spanking new bangerzzz.

Posted at 10:25, 4th March 2014

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