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The Sunday Service: The Sheva Alomar Redux

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5th October 2014
With Special Guest: Improper Use Of Kenny Loggins.
21st September 2014
With Special Guest: Poor Episode Concept.
13th July 2014
With Special Guest: The Man From Nantucket.
29th June 2014
With Special Guest: A Poorly Negotiated Blowbo.
15th June 2014
With Special Guest: The Start of a 4 Week Binge.
1st June 2014
With Special Guest: Spelling "R-O-S-E" Four Times.
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Whose Responsible This? // 1300-1400 12.02.12

patched and ready to receive ugc.

Hello again. There was an illness monkeying with 50% of our collected mass last time, so the show had to be put on hiatus. Fortunately, we're still keeping it fresh, so all that old news won't be brought out from my Firefox history to keep you entertained. I have new news this week. Better news, in fact. Load our nonsense from 13:00 this Sunday, won't you?


Posted at 00:55, 12th February 2012


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