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#11 Melvin / DJ Akeera / Constrobuz

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This episode serves as an introduction to 3 producers. Constrobuz, a beat maker from North Carolina who favours the orchestral and soulful; DJ AKEERA, a mysterious producer in Glasgow, who has chosen to remain anonymous and Melvin, who makes some very polished UK Juke and is the first UK dude to have a release on Ghettophiles.

It’s a juke heavy, ghettotech-tastic 160 bpm thriller of an episode sitting alongside a complexion of desirable beats and ethereal climates. Intimate lyrics, dazed and dizzying rhythms which all compellingly have a poignant and heat warming soulful touch to them.

25th October 2013
Becoming Real
11th October 2013
Clan Destine Records
27th September 2013
Yong Yong
26th March 2013
Live Jam: DIVA, The Cyclist, Ross Little et al.
20th March 2013
Health of the Oceans (Tape Launch)
13th December 2012
Dam Mantle & Joshua Duncan
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Not everyone is satisfied with moody looking b+w press shots of artists posing in some post-industrial landscape looking searchingly just off camera, some prefer to fictionalise like MF Doom, some want to get all po-mo by obscuring identity with mythologised press releases and bios like Hype Williams. Although, we know who Daft Punk are, those retro-futuristic cyborg masks and ensuing movie made those ordinary looking white French dudes seem somewhat alluring.

The most absurd case of anonymity is probably HeWhoWillNotBeNamed from the Dwarves. After a few years of masks and pseudonyms, the band decided to issue a press release stating that the singer had been stabbed - they even attached a tribute to the “late” guitarist on their Sugarfix album. When it was eventually revealed that his death was bullshit, they got dropped by their label and HeWhoWillNotBeNamed had some rather confused parents to deal with. His return from the “dead” was greeted with as much enthusiasm as the return of Superman in 1993.

The three artists that feature heavily on this episode are anonymous for some very different reasons. Whether its due to a concerned effort to remain faceless, or because they’re not preoccupied with having their face plastered on their productions like Pimp Daddy... although, one of them just hasn’t got his press shots done yet.

Constrobuz is a beat maker who emerged in 2009, hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, he mainly favours an orchestral flavour on his tracks, most notably on Fecal Vomiting, he also takes on some sample moments from psychedelic pop and Philly soul. His latest record is available on tape via Cicada Shell and comes with the NB: “These works are not meant to be 12" club tracks.” Constrobuz sent over a selection of his own tracks, which emerge throughout the episode.

DJ Akeera is a producer based in Glasgow who has chosen to remain anonymous. This episode features a mix of juke, comprised mainly of his own productions. If Burial managed nearly two years of total anonymity, perhaps this could last for at least a couple of shows... he is making a mask afterall.

Melvin has an EP primed for release on Chicago label Ghettophiles, his take on the sound synonymous with that label with some UK polish take on. He has sent over some selections of his work, including a track he finished 24hrs before the episode was recorded... so it’s new.

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Light Flight
Pentangle Transatlantic
Lil B Weird Forest
Now You’re Stranded
Constrobuz White Label
Lyke-Wake Dirge
Pentangle Transatlantic
Constrobuz White Label
Let’s Go Crazy (Mark Pritchard Juke Edit)
Prince White Label
Bird Wings
The Future Sound of London Virgin
Roca-Bye Baby
Arpebu White Label
International Players Anthem
UGK ft. Outkast
Shake U Off Juked
DJ Nehpets White Label
Phat Odyssey
Melvin White Label
Don't Bake
Melvin White Label
Mountain Top
Melvin White Label
DJ Earl Planet Mu
Marine Movements
DJ AKEERA White Label
All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)
DJ Manny Planet Mu
R House
DJ Rashad and DJ Manny Planet Mu
// DJ Akeera Mix \\
Akeera Mafia
DJ AKEERA White Label
Push Da Bar
DJ AKEERA White Label
Lick On The Dick
DJ Rashad Juke Trax
Zillion Dollar Ice
DJ AKEERA White Label
DJ AKEERA White Label
Pop Dat Thang
DJ Funk Databass
Don't Fuck Wid Me
DJ AKEERA White Label
\\ End //
Smoke On (C+S)
DJ D.O.K White Label
The Future Sound of London Virgin
Fact Shredder
Argumentix Release The Bats
Small Scale Collisions White Label
Tip Top Boss
Chris Carter White Label
Constrobuz White Label
Sad City White Label
Amsterdam Boots (Warehouse Mix)
The Rhythm Odyssey Lipservice
Lailla O Lailla
Kalyanji Anandji ft. Amit Kumar and Kanchan and Chorus Sitar Beat
I'm Not In Love
10cc Mercury
Anaalivaihe Eläköön Laatu
Aye Yi Yi
Constrobuz White Label
Coin Purse
Constrobuz White Label
Anaalivaihe Eläköön Laatu
Roads (Damscray Juke Mix)
Portishead White Label
Aw Shit
DJ Manny Ghettophiles
Lookin for Another Love
Philthkids White Label
Melvin White Label
Rada Užitečná... (Live Zater, 17-04-99)
Maniac Butcher sombre

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