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#14 Stefan Blomeier / Lotide / Svetlana

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25th October 2013
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11th October 2013
Clan Destine Records
27th September 2013
Yong Yong
26th March 2013
Live Jam: DIVA, The Cyclist, Ross Little et al.
20th March 2013
Health of the Oceans (Tape Launch)
13th December 2012
Dam Mantle & Joshua Duncan
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stefan blomeier / lotide / svetlana industries

Svetlana Industries

Firing their arrows from outside the walls, Svetlana Industries, founded in Belgrade by Toby and Andrea (aka Andrea 3000), became a bit of an anomaly. Built upon the bubbling community of artists emerging in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states. Their enthusiasm to represent and amplify what was happening around them led to the inception of a label that wasn’t faceless, wasn’t centred in a specific location, nor limited to a specific style.

Svetlana’s extending roster is a different cut from some of their uber serious, uber masculine contemporaries - evident at their showcases and parties. The self-sufficient label keeps a steady flow, with a bunch a sweet records this year including BNJMN’s esoteric flavour on a house tip, Nightwave’s alluring combination of melody and clattering juke flex, and most recently 1000names compelling boogie.

Toby, who once worked as a music consultant for the British Council, talks about their recent relocation to London and unveils some plans for a new subsidiary label: Woetone.


Hailing from Washington, this artist serves as an insight into the vibe of Svetlana’s new subsidiary label. After a little debate about the best length to make a mix, we settled on 20mins... he hit it exactly. Although, this dude has made 20mins feel like quite a journey - consider it an express service. One of the most curious mixes that have been sent this way, it takes in sample moments from ambient works, his own remixes and Otomo Yoshihide.

Stefan Blomeier

The cryptic synth-centric artist based somewhere between Denmark and Dundee makes some selections of 'inspirational tracks'. Expect a swash of early tape experiments, alt-synthpop and deep house.

Posted at 22:39, 13th December 2011


Return to Saturn
The Sun God klang electronic
Byetone Raster Norton
Waste Your Time
Willie Burns Crème Organization
D'Marc Cantu Crème Organization
Kissing Cousins and Hustling
Markis Sage Losonofono
I Need A Freak (Sweat.X version)
Sexual Harrassment Citinite
Lotide - Stickyshed Rudeboys Mix
Jobo Rabzang
Geir Jenssen Ash International
Branches (Lotide Remix)
MTA Entertainment
Prefuse 73 Warp
S.Maharba Ocular Science
Jar Moff Rvng.Intl.
Untitled #1
Phillip Jeck and Otomo Yoshihide and Martin Tetreault Sub Rosa
Maserati Groupo
Dem Hunger
Dogfight Giggle
Todd Rundgren Bearsville
In Water
Dabrye Ghostly International
Shapes In The Dark
Interview: Toby from Svetlana Industries / Wotone
Salted Slugs Surf Kill
La Boheme
1000names Svetlana Industries
New Postcard from Tokyo
1000names Svetlana Industries
Dynooo Surf Kill
Dragon Strut
Lukid Glum
Night Bird
Nightwave Svetlana Industries
Night Bird (UTTU RMX)
Nightwave Svetlana Industries
Night Heat (DJ Wilson Slow Mix)
Polar Bear
Slackk Unknown to the Unknown
SSalvia Leaving
Get It On
Skinnz Well Rounded
Do You Mind? (Crazy Cousins Remix)
DJ Paleface and Kyla Northern Line
Allied Nippon
Pomassl Raster Norton
Parasite Battery V
Pommasl Raster Norton
Patrice And Friends Sulk
NCS_0009121010 (Heinrich Mueller Remodel)
Albert Van Abbe No Comment
Annihilating the Rythym (Detroit In Effect Remix)
Aux 88 Puzzlebox
Dolphin Day 1992
Take My Hand
Soosh Jumble
Randomer Numbers
Can't Stop (Loving You)
Patrice And Friends Sulk
Stefan Blomeier's selections...
Black Dice Paw Tracks
The Stairway 2 Heaven
Hieroglyphic Being Mathematics
Age of Cannons
Bruno Spoerri Disposable
Studio Experiments No.5
Daphne Oram Paradigm
Gladio Bunker
You Set My Heart On Fire
Elvin Time
Follow Me
Karl Olivas Sensation
Auf Engelsflugeln
Deutsche Wertarbeit Sky
Mist House
M.I.S.T Spectrum Spools
Drinking a Lonely Beer
Smackos Strange Life
Fish Bait
Rude 66
Towards Tokyo (Part.2)
Andy Stott Modern Love
Dress a Chair
Nate Young NNA Tapes
First Memory of Pain
Prurient and Kevin Drumm hospital productions

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