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Folk music is for old people isn't it?


The show aims to bring you the best New/Indie Folk, Traditional Music, Country Rock and much more, from Scotland, England and across the Atlantic!
So from the likes of Mumford and Sons to Treacherous Orchestra to Drive By Truckers, you'll find that Folk isn't boring at all!



Traditional Folkus // 29.03.12 // S2:10 - Americana

Welcome to our Americana Special!

We have tracks from many great American Folk icons like Merle Travis, Leadbelly and many more!

Our Album of the week is the great Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan, and the Track of the Week comes from the lovely Lori Watson


Posted at 17:45, 29th March 2012

it's christmas (almost)!

Traditional Folkus // 15.12.11 // S2:7 - A Very Traditional Folkus Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Exams are over (for most), the snow's falling (well its sleet, but let’s not be picky here) and the air is full with the sounds of the usual, tacky Christmas tunes! So as an antidote to all this I'll be bringing you a selection of some more unusual Christmas tunes to enjoy, tomorrow at 5pm!

Posted at 18:34, 14th December 2011

long lost bands

Traditional Folkus // 17.11.11 // S2:5 - Long Lost Bands

Its that time of the week again, another episode of Traditional Folkus has been recorded for you all to enjoy! We went a little more "rocky" this week, but there's still some good old trad-folk in there for you as well!

The album of the week: "The Hazards of Love" by The Decemberists

Track of the week: "212 Maragrita" by The Hold Steady.


Posted at 22:16, 17th November 2011


Traditional Folkus // 03.11.11 // S2:4 - Enter November

So its time for another episode of Traditional Folkus! This weeks show has all the usaul goodness, with a slight leaning toward Bluegrass and Americana.

Album of the Week - "All Creatures Will Make Merry", Meursault

Track of the Week - "Lines", Said The Whale.

Posted at 12:52, 5th November 2011

bear bones

Traditional Folkus // 20.10.11 // S2:3 - Bear Bones

So this week’s show features a live session and interview with the wonderful Glasgow band Bear Bones.

Our album of the week is "Luck and Courage" by Franz Nicolay and the Track of the week comes courtesy of The French Wives. There’s also a whole host of other music in there for you delectation, enjoy!

Posted at 16:00, 24th October 2011

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