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Our heritage isn't discounted kilts and shortbread

Tom and Lol's Teatime Treat // 1700-1800 14.01.09

tom and lol burst back on the scene for 2009

Tom and Lol are delighted to be back in the studio for first time this year. Tune in (or listen again) for some great fun, cracking prizes and delicious tunes in this week's edition of The Revenge of Tom and Lol.

Posted at 11:50, 15th January 2009


A Fifth of Beethoven
Walter Murphy Hot
Pushin' On
The Quantic Soul Orchestra Tru Thoughts
"I want to visit more histroric windmills..."
Mess Around
Ray Charles Wsm
Type Thang
Isaac Hayes Stax
Name That (Sex Act's) Tune
All Night Long (All Night)
Lionel Richie Island
An assessment of travelodge spokesman; Lenny Henry
Curtis Mayfield Charly
Let's Stay Together
Al Green Music Club
What Grinds Your Gears? From Scotland shops to Daft Friday.
Greyboy Ubiquity
Idea Three
Belleruche Tru Thoughts
Thank you and goodnight
Common People
William Shatner Epic

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