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Tom and Lol are back to take you on a rip-roaring rollercoaster ride of funky beats and audio treats with plenty of games of Word War and Name That Tune along the way.


tom and lol take on stirling

Tonight, Wednesday 23rd November, Tom and Lol will be broadcasting a very special Teatime Treat from Stirling University's prestigious and historic station Air3. The deadly duo will be broadcasting live from Air3's studio-chateau between 7pm and 9pm tonight!

Catch them live at:

Posted at 14:52, 25th November 2009

tonight's the night...

Tom and Lol's Teatime Treat // 06.10.09

...that Tom and Lol take on the (internet)world with the first show with Tom and Lol reunited for the 2009-10 season. Brand new features, plenty of prizes up for grabs and a studio full of idiots, imbelciles and university graduates. Tune in to find out more about Marion's wooden leg, what exactly is a 'talpa razzista' and the cloudy issue of whether it is acceptable to put a wet trainer on top of the radiator in the library. All will be revealed with on tonight's Tom and Lol's Teamtime Treat, tonight at 7pm tonight.

It's tonight!

Posted at 17:48, 6th October 2009

tom and lol burst back on the scene for 2009

Tom and Lol's Teatime Treat // 14.01.09 // Our heritage isn't discounted kilts and shortbread

Tom and Lol are delighted to be back in the studio for first time this year. Tune in (or listen again) for some great fun, cracking prizes and delicious tunes in this week's edition of The Revenge of Tom and Lol.

Posted at 11:50, 15th January 2009

lol appears on matthew's deep bath

If you're enjoying Tom and Lol's ramblings, then you'll be pleased to hear that Lol appeared on Matthew's Deep Bath as a guest presenter this week. Check out the show here:

Posted at 13:04, 31st October 2008

tom's back... with a vengeance

Tom and Lol's Teatime Treat // 22.10.08 // Tom's back... with a vengeance

We had the delightful tones of Janine a fortnight ago and then the painful utterings of Richie last week but now regular presenter Tom is back from his cookery courses to accompany Lol for the first time this year. Word War is back... as is Name That Tune PLUS new feature Your Perfect Sunday. Cyril the Crow was doing the traffic last week and we'll hopefully have a hospital update from him since his unfortunate collision with a low-flying aircraft.

All will be explained in this week's edition of The Revenge of Tom and Lol today at 5pm.

Posted at 20:11, 21st October 2008