Edo Sketches

Tokyo Chill // 2110-2200 01.08.13

edo sketches

This week's episode focuses on minimalism, a movement which manifests itself in myriad forms throughout Japanese art, from the understated literary styles of Yasunari Kawabata and Matsuo Basho to the powerful simplicity of the cinema of Yasujiro Ozu.

Each of the musicians featured in today's broadcast share, amongst themselves and with the artists above, certain beliefs about the nature of the creative process, seeking in these tracks to dispense with all secondary elements in order to let the essence of their music shine.

Featuring Ametsub's innovative minimal techno, the sparse guitar patterns of aus and Fjordne, the poignant compositions of Sylvain Chauveau (recently signed to aus' label, flau) and the hypnotic industrial rhythms of Susumu Yokota and Rothko which recall Philip Glass' minimalist masterpiece Koyaanisqatsi and which surely influenced Jonny Greenwood's work on The Master, this week's show explores all things minimal.

Posted at 19:07, 1st August 2013


Faint Drizzlings
Ametsub nothings66
Fragment VIII
Library Tapes Kning Disk
思い出は微炭酸 Yesterday's Soda
Nurie Orchestra Stereographika
Akira Kosemura Schole
Little Song At Little Time
aus Someone Good
Motohiro Nakashima Lo
Pauvre Simon
Sylvain Chauveau Type
Lit By Moonlight
Susumu Yokota and Rothko Lo
Fly Like a Horse
Sylvain Chauveau Type
Turn of Colour
Fjordne Dynamophone
Good Night
No. 9 Liquid Note

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