Northern Textures

Tokyo Chill // 2105-2205 03.01.13

northern textures

In this first genre-specific episode of Tokyo Chill we're checking out Japanese ambient in all its forms, from the slowly-evolving arctic soundscapes of Susumu Yokota and understated psybient compositions of Hybrid Leisureland to Sawako's innovative electro-acoustic field recordings and Opitope's soothing and nostalgic piano-based atmospheres.

Whether you've returned to work & are seeking a moment of quiet contemplation to reflect upon what this new year promises, or you've been going for it since Hogmanay and the only thing left on the menu is headphones & bed, this show is for you.

Posted at 17:34, 3rd January 2013


Susumu Yokota Leaf
Fenton Plop
Dawn Right Before
Fjordne Dynamophone
Frosted Mint
Fourcolor 12k
A Far Room
Opitope Spekk
April ~ From Sea Shell
Sawako 12k
Clocks (Sons Of Magdalene Dub)
aus Preco
Sawako and Daisuke Miyatani Schole
Chihei Hatakeyama Home Normal
Division And Composition
Hybrid Leisureland Ultimae
Saito Koji SEM

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