No Better Time Than Now

Tokyo Chill // 1600-1700 23.12.13

no better time than now

Tokyo Chill is one year old! And what better way to celebrate than by playing tracks that weren't around this time last year?

Thanks to everyone who has listened to & supported the show over the past 12 months. I am fortunate to be given a platform to spread the word about what I love and an opportunity to do so during a time of such widespread intercultural creativity, where artists from Tokyo, L.A., London, Berlin and beyond engage with one another's work to push music forward and help make Marshall McLuhan's global village a reality. If this is just the beginning then here's to 2014!

The day before this broadcast I lost all my music and software when my laptop finally sailed off to the big Japan in the sky. As such, the audio quality of some of these tracks might be a bit off (& there's a whole lotta crossfading goin' on.)

Posted at 12:32, 23rd December 2013


Detroit Part 1
Shigeto Ghostly International
Good Ways
Equal Parts Unsigned
Haruka Nakamura ft. Nujabes Hyde Out Recordings
Liquid Silver
Blazo IntroDuCing!
Requiem for Genome (aus Remix)
Geskia flau
Straight Over My Head
Lapalux Brainfeeder
Soul to Seoul
Sort of Light
Cuushe flau
Twinkle Way
Cokiyu and Baths flau
Two Below
Thomas Prime Cult Classic
Brother Mynor Unsigned
Movement in Mercury
Sons of the Morning Yellow Year
Hideo Nakasako On Sunday
Gossamer The Melt
Let Go
Haruka Nakamura ft. Nujabes Hyde Out Recordings

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