Graduation Day Jams

Tokyo Chill // 1600-1656 30.06.13

graduation day jams

'Days and months are travellers of eternity. So are the years that pass by.'

Earlier this month, following the example of Matsuo Basho, I set out hiking to the North in order to learn more about my country and myself.

I returned just in time for my graduation, an event which drew to a close a formative, integral part of my life for good.

This show is an attempt to capture my feelings on that day, from regret over past mistakes and anxiety at what the world holds for a recent arts graduate to jubilation and wonder at the passing of time as I try, like Basho, to live in the present & embrace the uncertainty of the future.

Posted at 01:38, 30th June 2013


Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix)
Funky DL Cult Classic
Scha Dara Parr Eastworld
Per Sempre
TwoDaysToAlaska Cult Classic
Okamotonoriaki mu-nest
Peaks Far Afield
End of The World
Blazo Cult Classic
Esbe Dusted Wax Kingdom
Relax & Chill
re:plus ft. Othello Goon Trax
Another Day Comes
Nieve and Cook Cook Classics
It's on Everything
Akira Kosemura Someone Good
Cameo Appearance
Okinawa Lifestyle Unsigned
TwoDaysToAlaska Cult Classic
The Distant Sound Of A Bustle
Chihei Hatakeyama Home Normal

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