Road to East

Tokyo Chill // 1215-1310 23.12.12

road to east

Adopting a pseudonym in tribute to his Japanese ancestry and naming his latest album Lineage, Shigeto is one of many artists in the burgeoning electronic scene of America who is creatively inspired by the nature of heritage within the context of a foreign culture. Being concerned with tracing both the residue of Japanese aesthetic values on the work of emigrant musicians and the influence of Japanese experimental music on Western artists, I felt that Evenings' remix of Shigeto would be a perfect tune with which to inaugurate Tokyo Chill.

This first show will cover a lot of ground, drawing on instrumental Hip-Hop, Techno, Dubstep from Georgia, chopped-up samples, jazz-soaked Rap, piano loops, Canadian vocalists and Ambient, as I attempt to illustrate the wide variety of innovative experimental music that is being produced by artists of Japanese descent and the positive effects that this state of widespread cultural creativity is having on Western electronic music. With so many genres spliced together it could be cool, could be a disaster, could be both. Tune in and find out!

Posted at 03:44, 19th December 2012


Huron River Drive (Evenings Remix)
Shigeto Ghostly International
I Am Not Into It If You Are Into It
Takagi Masakatsu W+K Tokyo Lab
Girls Annoy Boys
Okinawa Lifestyle ft. Alie Lavoie Unsigned
Okinawa Lifestyle Unsigned
Akira Kosemura Schole
aus Preco
Serph Noble
Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix)
DSK Crue-L
Geskia flau
Doki Doki Last Night
AOKI Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko Fat Cat
Left The Wind
No. 9 Liquid Note
Nujabes Hyde Out Recordings
Light To Light (Remix Of Antennae)
Jemapur Hyde Out Recordings
Uyama Hiroto Hyde Out Recordings

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