Season of Mists

Tokyo Chill // 2110-2201 11.11.13

season of mists

This week a mix of songs that were written with autumn in mind, songs that bring autumn to mind & songs that have been in my mind's ear all autumn.

'Sick on a journey –

over withered fields

my dreams wander on.'

Posted at 13:22, 11th November 2013


Dom Mino' Schole
Sing Another Song
chiiiiing Unsigned
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Tomoki Kanda Crue-L
Tragedy Of Our Field
Motohiro Nakashima Schole
Sketch Show Rhythm Republic
Autumn Groove
LJones Cult Classic
Dat Jazz
Nicholas Cheung Cult Classic
Haruka Nakamura Kitchen
Essential Violet
Blazo IntroDuCing!
Song Before You Came
Motohiro Nakashima Schole
Shine A Light
Kona Triangle Porter
[.que] Schole

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