Sakura Bloom

Tokyo Chill // 1200-1256 18.06.14

sakura bloom

As the cherry trees blossom in Glasgow and a splash of pastoral colour transforms the city I am reminded of Japan, where families and friends gather every year for the tradition of Hanami, meeting under cherry trees to reflect on the beauty and transience of life.

Posted at 09:15, 18th June 2014


Dom Mino' Schole
Jag En Gök
Hans Appelqvist Hapna
Cherry Blossom
Niazura Digi Crates
Rookie Dusted Wax Kingdom
Nujabes Hyde Out Recordings
Natural Green
Blazo IntroDuCing!
Landscape With A Fairy
Aspidistrafly Kitchen
Song of the Sleeping Forest
Susumu Yokota Skintone
Silver Light (.Tape. Remix)
[.que] Totokoko
Through The Trees
No. 9 Liquid Note
Mist On The Sea
Opitope Spekk
Rain (Alternate Take)
Yutaka Hirasaka Totokoko
Tsubomi, Saku
Sawako 12k
For Favorite Tree
Yuichiro Fujimoto Audio Dregs

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