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~~~~~~WELCOME TO TOKYO CHILL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Japan has an artistic culture as rich and distinctive as its history, and the unique aesthetic identity that resonates throughout Japanese art is present in creative practices as diverse as architecture, calligraphy, and electronic music.

As technological innovations and new ideas bring similar people and formerly-distant societies together, a global mentality emerges to supplant traditional culturally-specific methods of engaging with the world. Although these developments offer extensive benefits for humanity, globalisation is also responsible for the proliferation of a homogeneous mass-culture that threatens to displace deep-rooted and organic artistic practices in many societies.

Perhaps due to centuries of deliberate isolation from the wider world, the art of Japan has proven particularly resistant to the assimilating forces of mass-culture. While Japanese artists make use of European musical techniques and work within traditions established by the West, their music remains fundamentally Japanese in character. Borrowing from genres as varied as Hip Hop, Classical, Folk, House, Glitch, Ambient and Jazz, Japanese electronic musicians fuse Western musical styles with Eastern aesthetic ideals to create music which both engages with the traditions of Japan's isolated past and epitomises the modern reality of reciprocal artistic influence between societies.

Featuring Tokyo-based artists, electronic musicians of Asian heritage working in the West and Western producers inspired by the artistic culture of Japan, Tokyo Chill demonstrates the abundance of subgenres existing within Asian electronic, the effect of traditional Japanese aesthetic principles on expatriate artists, and the influence that experimental Japanese music is having on the electronic music scenes of Europe and America.

Live every second Friday 1200-1300 EST, 1700-1800 GMT, 0100-0200 JST.

Turn on. Tune in. Chill out.

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narrow road to the deep north

Tokyo Chill // 23.12.14 // Narrow Road to the Deep North

'You can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.'

This week's show features songs that explore the transformative effects of travel on the soul.

Posted at 13:33, 23rd December 2014

the space between two worlds

Tokyo Chill // 03.10.14 // The Space Between Two Worlds

Inspired by Cuushe's performance last week this show explores the symbiotic relationship between the use of traditional instruments and computer-generated sounds in Japanese electronic and the many types of electroacoustic music that are being produced through these harmonic interactions.

Posted at 11:04, 3rd October 2014

cuushe mixtape

Tokyo Chill // 25.09.14 // Cuushe Mixtape

With its ethereal melodies and subtly-evolving sonic textures Cuushe's 'Butterfly Case' resonated deeply with me upon its release last year, a response echoed in the ecstatic reviews it received from critics across the globe.

Ahead of tonight's show at The Glad Cafe to promote her upcoming EP Cuushe shares an eclectic mixtape of original material & songs that have been getting her moving lately.

Posted at 13:29, 25th September 2014

sakura bloom

Tokyo Chill // 18.06.14 // Sakura Bloom

As the cherry trees blossom in Glasgow and a splash of pastoral colour transforms the city I am reminded of Japan, where families and friends gather every year for the tradition of Hanami, meeting under cherry trees to reflect on the beauty and transience of life.

Posted at 08:15, 18th June 2014

japanese whispers

Tokyo Chill // 08.03.14 // Japanese Whispers

It's International Women's Day & in celebration we're looking at some of our favourite female musicians working in Japan today.

Far more so than their male counterparts within the Japanese electronic tradition female artists utilise their own voices as instruments, cloaking lush vocals in reverb and weaving these patterns with elements of ambient, techno and hip hop instrumentation.

From Cuushe's breathless dreampop compositions to Tujiko Noriko's abrasive experiments with glitch and vocals this show highlights the extent to which female Japanese producers are using their voices in innovative ways to tell their own stories within an predominantly masculine culture with music which is fundamentally feminine in character.

Posted at 10:58, 8th March 2014

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