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111.5 - The Lost Episode

thirty-two // 1800-2000 22.03.11

deep, dark and dingey,

Loads of dark tunes on the show this week, as you may have guessed.

Got 3 new productions from the Thirty-two massive and a special back to back set a bit later on as well.

We have also introduced our first feature, "Twonko's Late". Oh aye, we're rockin' the features now.

Don't like it? Try it, you might like it!

32. x

Posted at 18:55, 22nd March 2011


Show starts: 5.00 minutes in.
Music Is Fun
Pasty 32 Unsigned
Paris Massacre
Jared Wilson 7777
unknown artist White Label
Black Acid (Legowelt Remix)
Ricardo Miranda Hour House is Your Rush

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