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207 - Level 32

thirty-two // 1900-2100 15.11.11


For the first time this season we'll be locking the doors to the Subcity studio and throwing down some of the tracks that we've been feeling recently, it's been a long time coming but we're up to the challenge.

We're excited to have the two hour show to ourselves, expect fresh vibes and genre jumping, from house and techno to electro funk and everything else in between.

You know the script.

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Twonko on Soundcloud

Posted at 15:21, 15th November 2011


> Twonko 32 [0:20]
Sunshine (DJ Skurge Edit)
Bileebob Underground Resistance
UR Underground Resistance
DJ in my Pocket
Erik Travis Clone Crown
Negative Evolution
UR Underground Resistance
A Different Kind Of...
Edmx Breakin
How We Used To Rock
Computer Rockers Breakin
New York Transit Authority Lobster Boy
Evaporation Residue
Morphology Acid Lab
Trevino 3024
Petrol Bomb Those Fuckers
espion Bass 4 Bots
LFO Warp
LFO Warp
Velocity Funk
E Dancer KMS
Ram Raid
Glass Domain Clone
stakker Jumpin & Pumpin
> Pasty 32 [1:00]
Shaolin Buddha Finger
Depth Charge DC
Shark Chase
Floating Points Eglo
Body Work (Instrumental)
Hot Streak Aero
Smokey Hill Street (Smokey Mix)
DJ Sneak
I Like Sneak Sounds
DJ Sneak Downtown
Forever This
Fries & Bridges Minority
The Rhythm Slave (Sneaky Slave Mix)
DJ Sneak Classic
By My Side (Hector Moralez Ghetto Mix)
Phil Weeks Robsoul
Techno Grooves
Mach III R&S
I Could Learn
Goldfinger X Rated
Infiltrate 202 (Altern 8 vs Asterix & Space Mi
Altern 8 Network
Baby, Baby
Floorplan M-Plant
Techno Slam
Mach 4 R&S
Martyn 3024
Dominator (Joey Beltram Remix)
Human Resource R&S
Fill Your Coffee
Arkist Applepips
A Made Up Sound A Made Up Sound
Tuner Unsigned

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