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115 - What's In The Bag?

thirty-two // 2000-2200 29.05.11

last call

It's our last (official) show of the year, and we didn't even know - luckily, we came sub-consciously prepared, with a fine mix of house and techno in half hour doses.

Look out for some extra special shows over summer when there's some free time on the schedule.

32. x

Posted at 03:27, 1st June 2011


// Twonko 32 being a worsty.
You Shop We Drop
AGT Rave Cru Balkan
Mister Dee electro funk
Four or Not
Si Begg Tresor
Jodey Kendrick Rephlex
Funk Release Valve
Drexciya Tresor
Paris Berlin Train
Stalker Cosmetic
// Pasty 32 going in with the house.
DJ Sneak Magnetic
New Shit
Hector Moralez Minority
Can't Stop
Inland knights NRK Sound Division
Party Over Here (M.In Remix)
Greens Keepers Digital Release (Free Download Online)
Hubba Hubba Remix #2
Junia Ovadose Greenhouse
I Like Sneak Sounds
DJ Sneak Downtown
Dogg Starr (Jason Hodges Remix)
Ladybug Mecca OM
A Made Up Sound A Made Up Sound
Hiro Tronicsole

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