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101 - Still Fresh

thirty-two // 1800-2000 21.09.10

still fresh

A good kick back into the Subcity version of reality, our first show features new releases from loads of great local producers, an exclusive live mix from our very own Twonko 32 and a chance to win 2 guestlist places to Michael Forshaw at In About It! on Wednesday the 13th of October.

Give it a listen and get involved in the comp, answers should be sent to;

[email protected]

OR sent via Facebook to

The winner will be declared on our next show in 2 weeks time.


Posted at 21:00, 21st September 2010


Handsome Boy Modeling school Tommy Boy
Ligament Man
Hahaha Swim Team
New Orleans and Bastian Schuster Off
1.21 jigawatts
Hologram Hookers Unsigned
Doin' It Right (Digital Stitch Remix)
MC Freeflow White Label
I Said Bass!
Pasty 32 Unsigned
Oh What!
Dirty Basement Unsigned
Dumb (JE:5 Remix)
Michael Forshaw Chan 'n' Mikes
Get on your knees wench
Michael Forshaw coin operated
Turn around touch the ground
Michael Forshaw coin operated
Twonko 32
Tangible Point One
Get a Phone
Bileebob Underground Resistance
Crypto Fanatic
Fastgraph Klakson
Blackmass Plastics Rag and Bone
Concrete Acid
Qwerty Rottentrow
Plump Djs Fingerlickin
Beyond Perversion
Debasser Balkan
Static Charge
Blackmass Plastics Rag and Bone
Isn't it Powerful?
Noyeahno Rag and Bone
Tickle The Bee
Jerome Hill coin operated
Con Solid Ate
Edmx and Qwerty Breakin
Makin more Noise
Michael Forshaw Chan 'n' Mikes
Fish Slap Calm Me
Michael Forshaw Kugelbox
Klamz of Westworld
Michael Forshaw SMB
Michael Forshaw SMB
Orient Jig
Queaver & Versis Miditonal
Grizzly Funk
Luke's Anger bonus round

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