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110 - Drymouth Out Yer Nut!

thirty-two // 1800-2000 22.02.11

we don't need no water!

Got some big beats and bangin' bass lined up for you on this weeks show!

Techno heavyweight Refugee is gracing us with his presence in the studio, so we thought we'd up it a notch and give you our take on all things 135+.

We've got some exclusive tracks to bash out from Simtek and some top notch fresh beats from Kanji Kinetic's new label Mutant Bass.

Definetely one for the bass bins.

If you like what you hear you can catch us at IN ABOUT IT! on Wednesday the 9th of March. Here's the link if you're a Facebook fiend.

Click click!

32. x

Posted at 15:43, 22nd February 2011


Pasty's Off His Nut Mix
Night Trap
Kanji Kinetic Mutant Bass
Do It Now
Rrritalin Mutant Bass
Bass Gravy (Dankle's Had Enuff Reslash)
Bruce Stallion Off Me Nut
Pazzido New Guinea Bass
Simtek Unsigned
Youth Blood (Squire of Gothos Remix)
Jinder Trouble and Bass
Mr. Flu
Dankle Unsigned
OK U Cunts
Bruce Stallion Off Me Nut
Simtek Off Me Nut
Submerse Mutant Bass
Ride Ya
Fin Phranklin Miditonal
Warble Tone
Luke's Anger Unsigned
Refu's Real Techno Mix
Bollocks - Acid Quake Mix
marco bailey MB Selektions
War Cry
Advent vs. Industrializer Drumcode
Adam Beyer Cocoon
9th Question
Marco Corolla Question 9
Jack Up, Work Your Body
Ben Sims Florida
Midnight Express
DJ 3000 Motech
CMYK ( Ben Sims Disco Trix Remix)
A. Paul Naked Lunch
Perc Machine
Mesuma Hardgroove
Black Star Ritual (Ben Sims Remix)
Ritzi Lee Underground Liberation

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