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208 - Billa Qause

thirty-two // 1910-2020 29.11.11

billa ballin'

On this week's episode of Thirty-two we're excited to bring you a very special guest mix from Billa Qause, a beat maker/graphic designer/MC and all round creative boss all the way from Athens, Greece.

We first heard Billa on Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz compilation with a track called All Night, and since then everything else we've encountered by him has been straight up dope. His album Jazzova was one of our favourite releases of last year, and it's still keeping it's solid place in our most played lists.

As well as his solo project, Billa is also a part of Pad Trio, a collaboration with J. Melik and Kill Emil that's determined to bring the old school hip hop flavours back to the scene with a whole lot of MPC button bashing. If you haven't caught their live stuff yet we suggest you go check it out.

With recent bombs dropping on Riddim Fruit, Cast-a-Blast, and his own label Beat Quick, you can be sure that Billa's mix today is nothing short of head noddin'.

Posted at 16:04, 29th November 2011


> Billa Qause Introduction
Blue Quala
Billa Quase Castablast
I Got Music In The Air
Billa Qause Castablast
>Billa Qause Mix
Tema Do Canibal
BK One ft. Benzilla Rhymesayers
Before the Days
Leaf Dog ft. Diamond D and BVA MC High Focus
No Regrets
Rita J ft. Adad All Natural
My Mind Is Spray
Billa Qause Beatquick
Appreciation To The Mic
Kill Emil ft. Elephant Phinix ft. Billa Qause and J. Melik Beatquick
Blue Flee
J. Melik Beatquick
Unstable material
DDay One ft. Existero and Subtitle and AWOL One and Metfly Unknown
Detroit State of Mind
eLZhi Digital Release (Free Download Online)
A Woman Who I Love
Gee Stef Unknown
One Love
Nas Columbia
None Greater (Snowman)
Coss Unknown
Dexter Melting Pot
Evidence Unknown
The Garden
Cut Chemist Warner Bros.
English Breakfast
dj vadim Ninja Tune
Mad Headz
brotherhood Unknown
The Woodlock
Harmonic 33 Alphabet Zoo

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