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11th August 2014
The Cult of Kult
16th June 2014
The return of tongue-twisting hip hop,
2nd June 2014
Finish the fight! Video games music part deux.
19th May 2014
Bit by bit, 8 to 16 and beyond - v games music.
5th May 2014
Beyond the metal curtain
10th March 2014
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They Took Our Jobs!!! is a show aimed to provide you with a good insight into what is musically speaking going on in Central & Eastern Europe and Poland in particular. On this show you will everything from pop and rock, through jazz, funk, hip hop, to electronica and even metal. So, don't be afraid and jump into the unknown and rest assured - we will be your guides in this fascinating journey through tunes from across the sea.


They Took Our Jobs!!! // 11.08.14 // The Cult of Kult

For quite a time we've been planning to put on a show devoted entirely to Kazik Staszewski and his magnificent artistic output. This episode is a modest and entirely subjective tribute to this wonderful artist.

Posted at 22:32, 11th August 2014

They Took Our Jobs!!! // 16.06.14 // The return of tongue-twisting hip hop,

Hello folks! For the past month TTOJ has been dealing with a completely different worlds - that of games. However, in this episode we return to our more traditional formula. Would you like to get to know how Hungarian, or let's say Serbian hip hop sounds like? If the answer is yes - tune in!

Posted at 19:22, 30th June 2014

They Took Our Jobs!!! // 02.06.14 // Finish the fight! Video games music part deux.

Hey small and big kids! If you liked our most recent episode where me and my heroic guest co-host Stephen Donnelly dealt with music from video games, you will probably enjoy this one too. Whether you like some brutal gangsta rap or some classic 16-bit funk, you'll find something for yourself.

Posted at 23:33, 2nd June 2014

They Took Our Jobs!!! // 19.05.14 // Bit by bit, 8 to 16 and beyond - v games music.

Do you like games Jimmy? I would like to play a game with you. Alright gamers, although the history of music in video games is more than many thick leather-bound volumes could ever cover me and my co-host Stephen Donnelly had a little attempt to scratch this topic a little bit. To what effect? Definitely eclectic! Check it out for yourselves!

Posted at 00:39, 20th May 2014

computer failure

They Took Our Jobs!!! // 05.05.14 // Beyond the metal curtain

Dear folks, excuse the computer meltdown in this episode resulting from me having dropped my laptop on the floor killing the screen. I hope that despite my panicky blah-blah you still enjoyed the tunes. But now all is fixed and They Took Our Jobs resumes business as usual.

Posted at 21:31, 18th May 2014

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