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Beige Sabbath

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Anally retentive record nerds Paul Thompson from Franz Ferdinand and Andy Brown from Divorce selecting jams

They're Only Records Paul // 1500-1600 31.03.11

bag snatchin'

They're Only Records Paul

3PM -4PM

This week I have a guest in the human form of Andy Brown, drummer of the group DIVORCE who'll be selecting records, shrieking and talking shite.

Plus the usual loud annoying music.


Posted at 11:53, 31st March 2011


Blues Theme
Davie Allen and the Arrows Blast First
Speedy Greedy
K-Holes Hozac
Factory Floor Blast First Petite
Bag Snatchin'
Nancy Dupree Smithsonian Folkways
This is Casual Sex
Casual Sex White Label
Dog Save my Soul
Blurt People's
Birds of Paradise Dub Version
Peaking Lights Notnotfun
Mahler: Symphony X
Matthew Herbert Deutshe Grammofon
Space Hate
Meercaz Hozac
Amuse Bouche
Divorce Merok
The Overachievers
Liars Mute
I Don't Belong
Off Vice
Tally Ho
The Clean Flying Nun/Merge
Hard up
Mi Ami Thrill Jockey

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