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Each week we will grab a word out of thin air. We will poke it and pry it, and pursue it in song. We will find out where it has been and with whom; why it cheated on its meaning. Join us as we saw its bones, tap its liver and smell its spleen. We will say more than a few words and after a hymn we will scatter the word's ashes across the airwaves where they will vainly linger until reborn on your lips.

Each week one word will direct music and talk.



Have you heard about the word // 21.04.11 // Fish!

Starting at the bottom of the ocean and ending on the dinner plate, this week's show looks at gill-bearing aquatic vertebrate and their half human incarnations, and asks the question: Vinegar and salt?

Posted at 10:11, 3rd May 2011

croc vs croc

Have you heard about the word // 03.03.11 // Croc!

croc |krÉ’k| (noun informal) a crocodile. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: abbreviation.

crocodile tears (plural noun) tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere. ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: said to be so named from a belief that crocodiles wept while devouring or luring their prey.

Posted at 00:12, 6th March 2011

it's approaching

Have you heard about the word // 24.02.11 // Spring!

Summoning the season to bounce out of our dreams and spring to life. This week spring will be sought out, unleashing a spring of music so get sprung.

Posted at 00:08, 6th March 2011

the action or process of flying through the air

Have you heard about the word // 10.02.11 // Flight!

This week's word will be 'flight'

Posted at 17:41, 9th February 2011

don't judge an episode by its word

Have you heard about the word // 03.02.11 // Nothing!

This week we thought about 'nothing'. But what the show may have lacked in planned connotative content, it more than made up for with music. Thanks to the assistance of DJ Sartre and his collection of vinyl, the lonely vacuum of nothingness was a fulfilling musical adventure.

Posted at 17:36, 9th February 2011

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