Fighting the Revolution

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1500-1700 20.05.11

called to account

"Let's have a little look at this playlist, shall we?" Phil Kennedy smiled. Catching Vile as he left the studio ("If I must," he complained. "But I have Virginia Kennard's sharing at the CCA, the launch of Alegebra at Tramway, Terminus at the Citz and Tron's INK to get to..."), Phil ushered him into the palatial Subcity office.

"I know how busy you are, but let me see. Obviously, some of these tracks are from guests. Julian from Miaoux Miaoux and Dave from Theoretical were very generous... but how on earth did you manage to get Julian on without securing an exclusive radio play on the new single?"

"I thought that was kind of cool, the way he brought in other music. It bespeaks a collaborative nature."

"It was, and it was great the way you managed to insult him, and the entire East Coast. Looking forward to your reception at the Edinburgh Fringe, are we?"

"Phil, you know that I am inspired by your shows..."

"The ones where I let the music do the talking instead of letting an ego run wild in the control room."

"Harry got locked outside because Pop Goes The Revolution were setting up the bands in the Green Room. I had to take command."

"Back to the playlist. Let me see..."

"Right. Spank Rock,Gummy Stumps, Sparrow and the Workshop: all have gigs coming up in the next week weeks."

"As do Andrew Jackson Jihadi and MEN."

"Plus, they have extra resonance. MEN are the project by one of Le Tigre - we played Bikini Kill last week, and Kathleen Hanna was in both bands. And feminism is getting back in the press again, what with the Slut Walk."


"I thought a song about hipsters was a good choice to lead into the British Art Show piece."

"George from PGTR was laughing at that. He felt the chorus summed you up quite well."

"Skud Boots are pretty cool. The sound of young Glasgow, never before on the radio."

"This is you down with the kids, grandad?"

"You know how I like to give props to my old students, Phil."

"By your account, Latin classes with you inspired a generation of musicians."

"And radio station staff..."

"And the very difficult slices of Messiaen, and the Glasgow Arcade recording?"

"You'll see soon enough... next week's show will be helpful."

"Why don't you explain this on air?"

"Look, I have to get to the CCA..."

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Ever since he left the safe embrace of Dave Kerr's Skinny playlists, the music on Vile's Radio Hour has been a point of contention. "Last week we were folk, this week electronica," Producer Harry sighs. "And what the hell were you thinking playing the Swedish House Mafia?"

Taken aside by Phil Kennedy during an interval at last week's Matmos and Tanya Tagaq gig, Gareth had the problem explained to him. "Swedish House Mafia aren't some Underground Resistance side-project," Phil began. "They were hyped by Radio 1. Aren't you supposed to be some kind of avant-garde beard-stroking intellectual?"

Unfortunately, Vile's idea of popular radio is Resonance FM, or Radio 3's late night specials. He is a bit out of the loop about what is mainstream. Even worse, when he was a lad, loud music signified rebellion and punk. When Harry sat him down and proved how Lady Gaga's latest album is actually louder than mid-1980s SWANS, he lapsed into the silence familiar to his debtors and drinking friends.

This week, he is relying heavily on his guests. Miaoux Miaoux is visiting, as are Theoretical Records. Since Vile lost his diary, he knows that he has a few other guests, but he can't quite remember who they are. That means another news item at some point tomorrow morning.

After about fifteen minutes, when the office had managed to get back to the work that Vile had originally interrupted, he started to shout.

"Hipsters! Like that Andrew Jihad chap. Some tracks by MEN."

"Maybe some by women too?" Harry chuckled.

"No, by JD Samson out of Le Tigre. And there is a drone show coming up. I am going to mix that in with some Tallis - that is part of the West End Festival. And Mono, the Japanese post-rockers. Plus the Quartet for the End of Time. And I shall start the show loud and gradually get more relaxed. It's high concept."

He lapsed back into silence, and plugging in his hard drive. Harry could be heard muttering about how lucky Vile is to get guests as he discreetly dismantled the decks before DJ Vile worked his mash up magic.

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What It Look Like
Spank Rock Big Dada
Iona Bain Unsigned
Dave from Theoretical Records talks about Fest for a Fiver, the Cosmic Dead and moving to the East Coast
Spice Melange Spectrum
Cosmic Dead Unsigned
Look On Your Face
The Deep Red Sky Unsigned
Common Sense
Iona Bain Unsigned
Gummy Stumps Unsigned
Mr David Sneddon, Stage Manager from the Tron, talks from behind the curtain
Skud Boots Unsigned
Andrew Jackson Jihad Mordam
Vile on the prowl talks to the curators of the British Art Show
Last Chance
Sparrow and the Workshop Distiller
Glasgow Arcade
Andreas Jonnson Unsigned
Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)
M,E.N I Am Sound
Mono Human Highway
Double guest frenzy: Stasi, director of a Dead Man's Cell Phone at The Archesand Julian from Miaoux Miaoux
Midi Drift
Games Hippos In Tanks
Johnny I Can't Walk The Line
Found Chemical Underground
Barthes Anticon
Quartet for the End of Time: Liturgie de Cristal
Messaien Naxos
Naked and Famous
Mc Lars Oglip
James Blake vs. Kid Robotik White Label

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