The Vile Arts Radio Hour

1500-1700 25.05.12

in respect of john peel

After an interview with John Osbourne - who is coming back to the Edinburgh Fringe with John Peel's Shed - Vile tries to capture the spirit of the great DJ by making a mess of everything. He talks to the Electric String Quartet in advance of their opening show at the Oran Mor, and gets over-excited by records he has found in the office. Again.

Luckily, Serocell has discovered some tracks for him to play...

Posted at 16:26, 26th May 2012


Fire at Will
Noise Monkey White Label
Everything in its Right Place
Radiohead EMI
Serocell White Label
Short Cuts
Last to Show, First to Go Loud
Gareth talks electric quartets and Britney
ESO White Label
Bring You Down
Attic Lights Island
ESO White Label
Into John Peel's Shed with John Osbourne

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