Dance:Film, Improvised and Organic

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1500-1700 11.11.11

all human life is here... long as you like Optimo, Theatre Cryptic and film about dance. Vile gets on the blower to a man about a film about a man thinking about a Man: a couple of musicians improvise their way through Vile's ignorance. The Organs of Love, latest signing to Optimo's label tolerate a series of stupid puns from the host, and even STaG make a visit to talk about the toilets in The Flying Duck.

Actually, it's Vile who does that. STaG talk about their festival of short plays. Other guests who have sworn never to come back include Josh Armstrong, fresh from success at the Tron with The Little Match Girl Passion and Meryl from cool new venue The Berekeley Suite.

Look out for the intimate moment between Vile and Producer Harry.

Posted at 18:40, 12th November 2011


Musst Musst
Kiran Ahkuwalia Kiran
Organs of Love Optimo
00:09:00 // The Organs of Love talk about their upcoming headlining date at the Optimo birthday party
+ Meryl talks about Glasgow's speakeasy, The Berkeley Suite
Someone's Dead
Organs of Love Optimo
I am the Fly
Wire Harvest
00:30:40 // Josh from Cryptic talks about the Little Match Girl Passion
Little Match Girl Passion
David Laing Harmonia Mundi
00:41:50 // Interview with Gordon Quinn, director of A Good Man
Mama Roux
Dr John Repertoire
01:00:20 // STaG
Les Triplettes de Bellevile
Ben Charest Higher Octave
The Young Gods Pias
Casi Uno
Anoushka Shanka Deutsche Grammophon
Distributed Talk
The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Creative Sources
01:33:10 // Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
Raymond MacDonald and Satoko Fujii and Neil Davidson and Natsuki Tamura and Tom Bancroft

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