Skinny Two Hour

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1500-1700 11.06.10

the skinny goes long

In this bumper two hour edition, Gareth K Vile arrives at the studio in drag and covered in glitter, having been inspired by NYC artist Taylor Mac the previous evening. He proceeds to insult his producer Harry and gradually morph into a post-modern version of Alan Partridge, pausing only to discuss fetish clubs, the role of promoter as a curator and legal alternatives to the traditional stag night. Fortunately, Skinny Arts' Editor Andrew Cattanach stops by to discuss aesthetics and the central belt degree shows, and Subcity station manager Josh Hill introduces a possible new direction for broadcast. In the dying moments of the show, Vile finally reveals the name of his secret crush, before being put back in his box for the summer holidays.

As always, the playlist lovingly prepared by Music Editor Dave Kerr brings a little sanity to proceedings, while Andrew Cattanach identifies some of the promising artists of the next generation. Vile explains why everyone ought to go over to Edinburgh for Dee Itsy's events, including Torture Garden, and highlights the forthcoming burlesque drama "The Mating Ritual". A selection of white label exclusives rounds off the programme, live from Josh's laptop.

Posted at 17:26, 11th June 2010


Sorry For Laughing
Josef K Les Disques du Crepescule
David Bowie RCA Victor
Black Hat
Uncle John and Whitelock God Forgot Man
The Mermaid Parade
Phosphorescent Dead Oceans
Thought Vs Action
Dead Puddle Dynamics Anticon
I Will Break You
Sparrow and the Workshop Distiller
Lightning Bolt Load
Deathpodal Unsigned
I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You
Jens Lekman Secretly Canadian
Die Slow
Health City Slang
4 Page Letter (Chopped and Screwed)
Aaliyah White Label
konotakosuke yaro
Dizz1 Rush Hour
Brown box (Fulgeance Interstellar Funk Mix)
Grilo White Label
Flight Delay
Ras G and Samiyam All City
Start Something
Pursuit Grooves White Label
Rebel Girl
Bikini Kill Kill Rock Stars

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