The Five Minute Hour

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1500-1700 27.05.11

our first review

The bleeping of texts throughout this episode was part of Vile's campaign to encourage live listeners to text in their reviews of the shows.

This was the most positive one.

"I have been told to switch off the radio now, or else one of my colleagues is going to break my legs and he has described it as a "very, very strange listening experience."

Also features a new, retitled version of John Cage's classic 4 mins 33, now scored for two radio presenters, a studio and audience.


Posted at 17:31, 27th May 2011


The One Ensemble White Label
Wolf Cries Boy (Recital Remix)
A Band Called Quinn Tremolo
McGuire Horn Trio Andante
Daniel's Beard Meridian
Daniel's Beard arrives to talk Cottier's Chamber
Jerusalem Ridge
Alastair Savage Woodlands
Acis and Galatea (Sinfonia)
Dunedin Consort Linn
Dohnanyi Sextet - Finale: Allegro vivace
Daniel's Beard Meridian
Hey Sound!
Miaoux Miaoux Unsigned
Down In MacSorley's, Vile meets the man behind Long and Wrong for 4 Hours of Drone. With added samba beats
Caution: Low flying bees
CK Dexter Haven White Label
Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo White Label
See that mix in the background? That's Vile trying to prove he still has his DJ licks. Apologies to Miaoux Miaoux and Alex Cheer. And the staff at MacSorley's who had to turn the music down
Expert time killing
Cheer White Label
Extracts from the Music for Entity
Joby Talbot and Jon Hopkins White Label
Words from the dancers of Wayne MacGregor's company, in town to address the Tramway fans
Cloud Computer
Miaoux Miaoux Unsigned
The Five Minute Theatre programme from the National Theatre of Scotland; the Vile Entry, called Decompression and featuring something that isn't John Cage
And that Silence is meant to be there.
Something to Prove
Debrasco White Label
Hi Life
Ben Butler and Mousepad White Label
Croc have a Free Gig coming up. No wonder Vile is excited
Afro Noise 1
CUT HANDS White Label
Little Guy
Smack Wizards Winning Sperm Party
Gummy Stumps WSP
An Auricle speaks
March from Fiddler's Tale
Wynton Marsalis Sony
Little Concert from the Fiddler's Tale
Wynton Marsalis Sony
You Put a Smell on Me (Photocall Remix)
Matthew Dear Ghostly International
Wu Tang Clan Loud
The Gospel According to Luke (Extract)
Johnny Cash Nelson Bibles
Folsom Prison Blues
Johnny Cash Columbia
The Citizens theatre reveals all about the post-nuclear drama
On Our Backs
M,E.N I Am Sound
The next show was late, so Vile kept going. The Hebrides Ensemble offer some Kafka Fragments and Vile is on the mix and mash. Again
Kafka Fragmente
Kurtag ECM

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