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The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 1430-1700 03.06.11

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Although his producer Harry has betrayed him by heading off to Cornwall for a weekend in the surf, Vile has taken this week's show very seriously. He is digging out tracks by Can and Lydia Lunch to preview upcoming gigs, inviting guest presenters from the worlds of contemporary dance and science fiction, buffing up his interviews with the cast of the NTS' Dunsinane and extending invitations to Flatrate Theatre, The Virginia Gallery, Nick Spaghetti (who is bringing North American War ) and Andrea Marini. As usual, he takes Harry's holiday as an excuse to overload the Hour.

But he still has worries...

Posted at 16:19, 2nd June 2011


The Sleepless
Red Snapper Warp
An early start for the hour, a moment of quiet, before Harry's substitute is brought into play
Me and My G.I. Joes
North American War Unsigned
Nick Spaghetti gets chatty with North American War
Selegna Sol
North American War Unsigned
Virginia Kennard gives a New Zealand take on Glasgow
4 Dead Monks
Red Snapper Warp
Across the country to the Lyceum to discuss Dunsinane with the NTS
Lady Scarface
Lydia Lunch Ze
Words from the Future Performance Artists of the Physical theatre Diploma
Back in Black
AC/DC Sony
A Punk
Vampire Weekend Excello
White Van Man
Andrea Marini White Label
FromTweet to Radio: Andrea Marini is surprised by the Vile invite
We Had An Agreement
Andrea Marini White Label
Andrea Marini White Label
I'm so Green
CAN Virgin
Virginia talks to the Virginia
Mind Games
John Lennon Apple
Mark Hardin joins the room and talks Mutation Publication
Surabaya Johnny
Markee DeSaw and Bert Finkle White Label
Copernican Shift
Double Helix White Label
Flatrate invite everyone to the Pub
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Dusty Springfield Philips
A Trip Doune The Rabbit Hole
You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate
Zoey Van Goey Chemical Underground
Little Sir Hugh
Alasadair Roberts Drag City
The Gibson Street Gala and Offshore Coffee and Art
The Boy with the Arab Strap
Belle and Sebastian Jeepster

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