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Subcity Radio hosts one hundred and twenty minutes of conversation, music and reporting from around the Glasgow arts and culture scenes. Presenter Gareth and his producer Harry take a weekly look at dance, drama, live gigs and anything else that occurs to them.


radical, queer and subjective?

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 13.07.15

The Vile Arts - is this goodbye or the start of a new chapter?

Posted at 17:51, 13th July 2015

silence and music

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 05.01.15

As The Vile Arts prepares a new format (there will be new hosts, new guests, and probably less Vile and more arts), DJ SpinOza takes over and tries to open the CD drawers while listening to a lecture by French maverick academic intellectual Foucault.

So, it's all about the music. It's an eclectic mix, with lots of Untitled Media tracks (the good ambient ones) and quite a few offerings from the slush pile out of The List Offices. The Vile Blog will be commenting on the tracks soon. Ish.

Posted at 21:09, 5th January 2015

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 06.10.14 // FK and MP

Tonight, on the Vile Arts Radio Hour, I run out of time. That explains why I start late and end early, and in between there are two interviews with the stars of Arches Live!

I had another entire interview to do...

However, have a listen to my chat with Max Powers and FK Alexander.

Posted at 21:54, 6th October 2014

listen and win!

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 29.09.14 // Art Terrorists and Howie Reeve

Tricoté Riña are going to offer Napalm Yes, Pudding No at Arches Live.

Howie Reeve has a new album available on vinyl or to download

Gareth has a competition: tune in and win The Hunger Games (all three books) (with new covers)

Posted at 22:10, 29th September 2014

vile gets physical

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 22.09.14 // Into and Out of The Body

After a quick intro - quite clearly to make time for the pre recorded interviews to be downloaded, Vile chats to Josh Payne... currently a Cryptic associate artists and making a piece that explores science as a means to getting out of the body (not out of your head)....

He then talks to Barry from Arika who is interested in how the body is a place for containing experience and ideas.

It is like Vile had a theme this time.

Posted at 18:14, 22nd September 2014

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