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Subcity Radio hosts one hundred and twenty minutes of conversation, music and reporting from around the Glasgow arts and culture scenes. Presenter Gareth and his producer Harry take a weekly look at dance, drama, live gigs and anything else that occurs to them.


The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 06.10.14 // FK and MP

Tonight, on the Vile Arts Radio Hour, I run out of time. That explains why I start late and end early, and in between there are two interviews with the stars of Arches Live!

I had another entire interview to do...

However, have a listen to my chat with Max Powers and FK Alexander.

Posted at 20:54, 6th October 2014

listen and win!

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 29.09.14 // Art Terrorists and Howie Reeve

Tricoté Riña are going to offer Napalm Yes, Pudding No at Arches Live.

Howie Reeve has a new album available on vinyl or to download

Gareth has a competition: tune in and win The Hunger Games (all three books) (with new covers)

Posted at 21:10, 29th September 2014

vile gets physical

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 22.09.14 // Into and Out of The Body

After a quick intro - quite clearly to make time for the pre recorded interviews to be downloaded, Vile chats to Josh Payne... currently a Cryptic associate artists and making a piece that explores science as a means to getting out of the body (not out of your head)....

He then talks to Barry from Arika who is interested in how the body is a place for containing experience and ideas.

It is like Vile had a theme this time.

Posted at 17:14, 22nd September 2014

vile in his wendy hoose

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 03.03.14

Vile is upstaged by his guests again... when Johnny McKnight (master of the pantomime) and Robert Softley Gale (Fringe champion) teamed up, it was bound to be a sex-comedy. Vile tries to stop the banter with his dull witted replies, but McK and RSG overwhelm him with charm and cheeky chat... even Kylie is played to start the show.

Another prerecorded interview follows: a chat with the duo behind Mirrorlands, a Cryptic Night coming to the CCA from the distant isle...

Posted at 10:28, 5th March 2014

vile comics and glory

The Vile Arts Radio Hour // 24.02.14

Vile rushes through the show tonight, mainly because he is back overloading the action. A twenty minute chat with the creative team for Glory (Janice Parker, Richard Layzell and MJ McCarthy) is followed by a Glasgow legend, John McShane, chatting about the GFF, comic books and how he used to be a teacher (alongside Vile, in their former lives, before they both became media nodes).

Then it's Black Hearted Press special - a rare interview with Sha Nazir, Jack Lothian and Mark Boyle (aka DJ Muppet, heard here as well:

Posted at 10:24, 5th March 2014

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