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r.i.p. viola wills

The Shiny Disco Ball // 16.05.09 // Viola Wills Special

Today's show is dedicated to Viola Wills and her memory as she sadly passed away recently.

I'll be playing a selection of her Northern Soul and Disco songs on today's show as a tribute.

For more info about her, go to

Posted at 09:08, 16th May 2009

disco 100 - get your votes in before friday!!

The Shiny Disco Ball // 25.04.09

Thanks to everyone who's told me their favourite songs for the Disco 100. :)

If you haven't told me your Top 5 disco tunes, there's still time....

E-mail [email protected] before Friday to have them tallied up for the countdown over the summer.

Posted at 09:34, 25th April 2009

disco 100

I'm putting together a Disco Top 100 to play out in the summer, and I'm looking for you to tell me your Top 5 disco tunes.

E-mail me your favourites and all will be revealed in time... [email protected]

Posted at 13:34, 23rd March 2009

greg wilson - live in nyc mix

The Shiny Disco Ball // 07.03.09 // Greg Wilson - Live in NYC Mix

On this week's edition (which has an added ten minutes), I'll be playing a live mix by Greg Wilson I got from him last month.

He did it in New York four years ago - has a few tunes you may recognise and some interesting re-edits.

Go to the listen again section to hear it, in case you missed the live broadcast:

Posted at 09:15, 7th March 2009

disco patrick's million dollar disco mix

The Shiny Disco Ball // 17.01.09 // Jack Archer's Shiny Disco Mix

Due to a broadcasting fault, we were unable to air last week's edition of the show which featured Disco Patrick's Million Dollar Disco mix though not to worry - it'll be replayed in full on this week's Shiny Disco Ball show.

Posted at 12:55, 13th February 2009

jack archer's shiny disco mix!

The Shiny Disco Ball // 17.01.09 // Jack Archer's Shiny Disco Mix

Jack Archer is back with another mix for "The Shiny Disco Ball!"

His fourth mix in this show's history is definitely worth tuning in for - it goes from electronica, into funk, soul, disco, Italo-disco, with a bit of jazz-funk for good measure.. and alot of sweet tunes I never heard before either.

Check it out live on Subcity this morning or through listen again.

Posted at 08:46, 17th January 2009

no show this week - family passing

I'm sorry guys but there will be no edition of the show this week - my grandad passed away this week and his funeral is during the programme's timeslot.

Hope you can understand, thank you.

Posted at 14:07, 26th December 2008

john johnson - salsoul mix this saturday!

The Shiny Disco Ball // 13.12.08 // John Johnson's Salsoul Mix

This week they'll be a guest Salsoul Mix by John Johnson from Six Million Steps ( played in full!

Posted at 22:04, 11th December 2008

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