The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 15th April 2010


The Self Raising Flour Hour Of... // 1100-1200 15.04.10

hey we're still here and here's a haiku special.

Subcity is moving but thanks to a handy Logitech microphone hitherto only used for lowly playstation2 party game playing purposes, The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power has returned with a special devoted to the artistry behind the most concise poetic form on the planet, gather up your collection of syllabels, paste 'em together in a 5-7-5 formation and have a rather profound listen. Songs have been selected purely for their ability to be molested into the shape of a haiku! Do not miss this act of extreme lyrical butchery, get it on your wireless now!

- Daryn

Posted at 20:51, 15th April 2010


The Self Raising Flour Hour of Power Haiku Special
Uterus Water
Kría Brekkan Paw Tracks
Don't Go All Wicked On Me
Neiltomo ft. Chris Isaak and Yazoo Unsigned
Floatsam and Jetsam
Peter Gabriel Charisma
Where Is My Dragon?
Felix Kranky
I Just Want To See Your Face
Serena Maneesh 4AD
African Night Flight
David Bowie RCA
Some Kinda Fatigue
Yo La Tengo Alias
So Long To The Holidays
Ugly Casanova Sub Pop
Dying Batteries
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Tomlab
Whistling In The Dark
They Might Be Giants Asylum
Rich Wife Full Of Happiness
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Drag City
Sooner or Later
ZaZa Rallye Japan
Leafhead Sing To Us
Black Moth Super Rainbow Graveface
It's Raining In Chernobyl
Loose Lips Sink Ships Science Is Fantastic
Gimme Cigarettes
The Yummy Fur Guided Missile

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