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cat power

The School of Song // 1200-1300 15.04.11


Today's School of Song features Cat Power, and I'll be joined in the studio by my producer Chris Murray, who suggested her. Fun!

Posted at 11:14, 15th April 2011


Old Fashioned Morphine
Jolie Holland Anti
Cat Power Matador
Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals
Hank Williams MGM
Sea of Love
Cat Power Matador
How My Heart Behaves
Feist Polydor
Where Is My Love
Cat Power Matador
Cross Bones Style
Cat Power Matador
Smoke Long Play
The Well
Smog Drag City
Cat Power Matador
The Billy Nayer Show Unsigned
Rubber or
God Is My Co-Pilot Altavistic
No Sense
Cat Power Matador
Man Made of CO2
Man or Astroman? One Louder

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