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7th June 2009
22nd March 2009
Its the reeves show boys and girls 220309
15th March 2009
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8th March 2009
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Is it Sunday morning ? What happened to Saturday nite, in fact what happened to Friday nite, where the hell am I ? Ever find yourself asking these questions ??? If so then plonk yer radio waves in this direction and join in It's The Reeves Show. Its made by me for you dirty little rascals with music out the top drawer.

Join in and abide
Reeves xxx


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See you every Sunday rock n rollers. See you at:

Southside Festival Saturday 23 May

Spectrum Bank Holiday Sunday 24 May

Join in Reeves xxx

Posted at 18:38, 16th May 2009

its the reeves show is off out to spectrum

Its the reeves show are going along to SPECTRUM @ Blackfriars this Saturday 25 April. Fancy joining me. I'll be chain-drinking cans of red stripe by the bar and I may even wander onto the dance floor without even knowing, it happens sometimes.

See you there

Reeves xxx

Posted at 01:10, 23rd April 2009

its the reeves show returns !!!

Hey friends. It's the reeves show has been on its holidays over the last couple of weeks but now makes a triumphant return to form this sunday morning. Please join us for our catch up, tales of love and nonesense and the best music brought to you by yer old pal. Reeves xxx

Posted at 00:57, 23rd April 2009