The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 26th March 2010

The Process

1500-1600 05.02.10


Find the One (Wait, Abstraction No.3)
Tortoise Thrill Jockey
Let's Persevere
Ray Barbee Galaxia
Back From Somewhere
Husker Du SST
My Little Underground
Uter Oscarr
Serious Brainskin
Von Sudenfed Domino
Broken E String
Unwound Jabberjaw
Web In Front
Archers of Loaf Alias
Silent Mary
Prurient Load
Nosferatu Man
Slint Touch and Go
Spaceship Broken- Parts Needed
Pelican Hydra Head
Psychic TV Cleopatra
Tommy Gun Angel
Bardo Pond Matador
Medway Wheelers
Buff Medways Damaged Goods

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