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primitivepunk // noise // experimental // psychedelic // avantgarde

"Doubt the conventional wisdom unless you can verify it with reason and experiment."

Steve Albini

Expect punk rock, minimalism, noise, black metal, free music, hardcore, delay, distortion and experimentation from all over the world. All of it on vinyl.

I'll be talking to people who make music, people who run labels and people who put shows on. If you're familiar with any of this then hopefully you will enjoy yourself, and if you're not familiar with this it's going to be an interesting journey.

Swearing will be kept to a minimum where possible.

Give me a shout if you like it, and definitely give me a shout if you don't.



The Process // 22.01.10

It's been a while since I added any news, so it must be about time. Thanks everybody who listens for keeping in touch. I'll update this very shortly!

Posted at 20:03, 23rd January 2010

show iii

The Process // 16.10.09

Right, a bit of a mess at the beginning. Sorry about that.

Making up for it straight away however, with Don Caballero's 'Mmmmm Acting, I Love Me Some Good Acting' from their excellent (obviously) World Class Listening Problem LP from 2006. Everyting they've done is pretty much perfect, so there's no real need to start with that particular record if you don't feel like it.

'The Message' (not that one) by Lyon's Ned next. I know very little about these guys I'm afraid. I picked up the LP at a Nuts and Seeds show at the 13th Note a couple of years ago when my band at the time had the honour of supporting them.

Some awkward silence follows, due largely to my amateurism (it won't happen again), before Australia's Ricaine blast us back to where we belong with 'Tact vs. Deceit' from their The Clarity of Distance album. My copy is the French re-issue on Ruminance (2006) but you should know that it originally came out in Australia on Rubber Records, back in 1997.

Gorgeous Iranian new-wave electro-pop from 1984 by Kullish Vahared now, on Japan's Crammed Discs. There'd be no reason not to think that this is a new release. But it's not, it's 25 years old. Wow. T.V.O.D by The Normal now, with an even more impressive vintage- 1978. The first release on Mute records, the label founded by The Normal himself- Daniel Miller. This is really the only record The Normal made. The b-side is as good, 'Warm Leatherette'.

Constellation's HangedUp now, with a typically Constellation-y doom epic. Lots of big strings and dispodant sounding drums made with more than a little help from labelmates GY!BE. From their self-titled 2000 LP.

Einsturzende Neubauten have certainly had some ups and downs in their career, but the last few albums have show them on startling form. This is the title track from their Alles Wieder Offen LP of 2007. Very much recommended, especially if their mid-nineties output let you down.

Another title track, 'Pink' by Boris. Nothing much needs to be said about Boris. Japan, Southern Lord, 決別, 俺を捨てたところ, etc etc.

Keeping it Southern Lord, 'Woe is the Contagion' by Twilight. I still haven't made my mind up about this album from 2005. Southern Lord were going through some changes at the time, and this album has always thrown me a little. Still, it's something you should hear if you haven't.

Everybody knows Sonic Youth's cover of 'Hotwire My Heart', so this is the original, by San Francisco's Crime. This was the first US punk record to come out on an independent label- origianlly issued in 1976 on Crime Records. For obvious reasons, this is the Swami reissue I'm playing.

A tenuous link, but another NYC cover version related tune follows. Loop, from London, doing Suicide's Rocket USA. On Reactor, from 1988 and one of the true great bands of all time. Expect more Loop in the coming weeks.

Death metal grindcore the way on they can, Ipswich's Extreme Noise Terror bring us towards a close. Not just the KLF's Brit Awards backing band... If you haven't heard this album (Being and Nothing) do yourself a favour, and track it down.

I don't know where to begin with Crass. Does anything really need to be said that hasn't already? Sheep Farming In The Falklands. 1982.

Posted at 17:07, 26th October 2009

number two.

The Process // 09.10.09

Starting with Isotope 217, Chicago post-something jazz and featuring most of Tortoise. Seeing as Sub City broadcasts from the John McEntire building I think this is wholly appropriate. Even though John McEntire is one of few Tortoise members/associates not actually playing in Isotope.

Moving on to Frog Pocket now, aka John Charles Wilson from Ayr. An older record of his- from 2003- on the recently defunct Benbecula label. There are still copies of the CD version of this EP on Piccadilly, which won't be around for long.

Keeping it local, with sometimes amazing/sometimes rubbish Ganger, sadly also defunct themselves but having left a fantastic legacy of experimental post-rock.

'IV', track four of five from the Guapo album 'Black Oni' on Mike Patton's Ipecac label. Sometimes hard to believe they're from London, and not Portland. A record that in fact comes wrapped in several feet of black plastic and makes for quite a difficult time unwrapping it. Definitely some of the hardest working men in prog-business, their blog is always worth a read:

'Enhanced Amalgamated Computer Experience' by Satanstornade, on ATP records. This is from the Sonic Youth-curated ATP album, and I haven't seen the track anywhere else. You should also know that this duo is in fact Russell Haswell of Gescom, and Masami 'Merzbow' Akita.

I don't think there's too much needs to be said about Desalvo. If you don't have their Rock Action album 'Mood Poisoner'you should probably buy it now. Or steal it, I'm sure the band won't care.

I'm surprised it took this long to get to Swans. Not the last time they'll be played either. Michael Gira's finest years- this track, 'Butcher' comes from the 1984 LP Cop. Most Swans stuff got reissued a couple of years ago on CD with extra stuff, so you should be able to track it down easily enough.

Fuzz-drenched psych-rock mayhem from Fireball next. All-girl five-piece from New York here, and if you weren't turning it up and jumping around then you're probably not paying attention. This is a masterpiece!

More obscurity now, with a Big Black track- 'Burning Indian Wife'- that was only available on a 7" called 'Happiness is Dry Pants' which came free with Chemical Imbalance fanzine, in 1987. This track was a 'reject' from the Songs About Fucking recording, at Southern Studios.

Japanese punk next. Stupid Babies Go Mad covering Boris for a Black Flag tribute split 10" on Diwphalanx, of course! SBGM haven't exactly had much press, and all the writing is in Japanese so I can't tell you very much more!

'Syncopated Pandemonium' by Striborg is from another split record, this time on Southern Lord (of course), with Scurshahor. Striborg doing what they do, and hopefully a track you haven't heard before.

One of the true greats next, Ian Dominick Fernow, better know as Prurient. Power electronics from 2005 on Load Records. If you don't know Prurient(!) then investigate. There's a vast amount of back catalogue to relish.

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first show.

The Process // 02.10.09

The first show and a gentle start, comparitively, with Pluramon's own remix of his 'Self' track, from the Bit Sand Riders compilation on Germany's ever-reliable Mille Plateaux label.

The shimmering Neu-isms of Brighton's (dearly departed) Electrelane take us into Southern Lord's immense bass-and-drums-and-volume duo Om, with 'Unified Knowledge of the Godhead' from their Pilgrimage LP.

Two Jesus Lizard-y tracks from Glasgow's Grozny follow 'Blockbuster', by the Jesus Lizard themselves. Taken from 1989's fantastic Pure album, of course.

OOIOO next, with an explosive remix from fellow Boredoms member Yamantaka Eye. Not, as I mentioned, a gig-only 12", but limited to 1000 and mostly sold at gigs. Not managing to hold off any longer, Whitehouse are on next with 'Princess Disease' from the stand-out (from the later period) Cruise album.

A massive favourite of mine by Alex Newport's Fudge Tunnel now, from the Hate Songs In E Minor album. While I'll try to avoid playing too many tracks from the same album, you can expect to hear more from this record over the weeks.

The first black metal on The Process comes in the form of Watain, and if you even have a passing interest in that track you should absolutely investigate Casus Luciferi, the band's second LP featuring the track.

'Chain Balled' by the hardest working man in noise-business, Aaron Dilloway, slows things down now. Despite Wolf Eyes losing their way, Dilloway can certainly still impress on his own. Leicester's Prolapse turn it up again with the frankly fantastic 'Testation', the b-side to 1998's 'Autocade' 7". Good response to this, so do keep me informed how much you're enjoying the music, or not.

Posted at 21:33, 8th October 2009