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The Young and the Restless

The Other Side // 1000-1100 02.03.09

the young and the restless

Well, well, second FM show already. This week we’re doing the first in a disjointed 2 part series. In a few weeks the show will take a look at the absolute classic, definitive songs that have shaped and influenced the Australian and New Zealand music scenes over the last 50 years. But this week we’re looking at the opposite; brand new bands still on their training wheels but showing real promise. Perhaps they won’t become the next Crowded House, but for the moment bands like Art vs Science, The John Steel Singers and Yves Klein Blue are doing a lot to get people excited and we’ll check out why.

Posted at 23:54, 23rd February 2009


Art vs Science Unsigned
Strawberry Wine
The John Steel Singers Unsigned
When the Ship Goes Down
The Holidays Liberation
Set it Right
Hungry Kids of Hungary Unsigned
Ned Collette Remote Control
Good Morning Sun
Qua Unknown
It's Mystery Music
Flamingo Crash Sidekick
Sparkadia Ivy League
Black Skies
Ball Park Music Unsigned
Science of Fear
The Temper Trap Liberation
I Wrote This Song For You
SJD Unsigned
Cities Burning Down
Howling Bells Liberation

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