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The Other Side // 1100-1200 01.12.08


As many of us knuckle down into the deary world of exams we here at the Other Side are looking at giving you a soundtrack to go with it. Some lovely laidback numbers to wash over you but not distract as stress levels increase. Going instrumental with the Dirty Three and Mono and blissful with the Art of Fighting.

Posted at 00:42, 30th November 2008


Title Fight: Heart vs Mind
Darren Hanlon Candle
Grass Castles
Leader Cheetah Spunk!
I Remember A Time When You Used To Love Me
Dirty Three Touch and Go
Misty as the Morning
Art of Fighting Remote Control
Peaches and Cream
John Butler Trio Jarrah
Artifical Horizon
Pivot Warp
Hearts A Mess
Gotye Creative Vibes
Mono Human Highway

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