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Electro Was Always The Bomb

The Kid Zipper Show // 1400-1500 09.03.09

electro was always the bomb

The word electro is pretty ubiquitous these days. Pretty ubiquitous but a bit of a misnomer for the music it is used to describe. Now I am by no means claiming to be the guardian of the definition but I feel I want to take a moment to address what electro means to me. Join me for a little trip from the 80s through to the now encompassing some of my favourite electro tunes.

Posted at 20:14, 8th March 2009


End of the Night
DMX Krew Rephlex
Living In The 1980s
Cylob Rephlex
I Am Not Alden
Dexter Clone
unknown artist White Label
Suicide Commando
Hell V2
Love Parasite
Fad Gadget Mute
Girls Girls Girls
egyptian lover Egyptian Empire
Clear (Louderbach Remix)
cybotron Deep Space
People Are People
Depeche Mode Mute
The Beat Club Bass
Melodic Disease
Dynarec Clone
Crush On You
The Jets BMI
Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
I F Viewlexx
Showroom Dummies
DMX Krew International Deejay Gigolos

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