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In May 1970, The full tilt Boogie Band, featuring Janis Joplin, tore up the East Coast of America with their new approach to "boogie" music, totally re - inventing the genre and making it a universal tool that everyone could just dance to and have a good time with. This, we feel is what music should be about - no barriers, no judgements, no pretentiousness, no divisions, just all round having a good time, dancing and appreciating the musicianship that makes this whole experience so enjoyable.

Join Alex, Dave, Young Sadhbh Old Sadhbh Happy Sadhbh and that other one, you know the one who always rabbits on for hours, for an hour of hillarity, gay banter and ofcourse Bob Dylan who appears on every show to play "guess that tune"!. There will be laughs and, Lord willing, you may even smile!

Dancing shoes essential!


glam rock show!

The Full Tilt Boogie Hour // 21.10.09

Allo Allo loves! Hope all is well! You should deffinately tune in to the full-tilt-boogie hour this Wednesday at 4-5pm beacuse we are having a glam rock themed day with tunes from the New York Dolls, Wolfmother, the Ark, Sweet, T-rex and ofcourse David Bowie!

Bob Dylan appears courtesy of Columbia records....


Posted at 12:20, 20th October 2009

big change!

The Full Tilt Boogie Hour // 14.10.09


join Gregor (and Dave) on Wednesdays 4-5 for our special brand of nonsense, music and ofcourse Bob Dlyan!


Posted at 13:46, 14th October 2009

the big takeover

The Full Tilt Boogie Hour // 07.05.09

Due to examinations - I will not be able to do the show next week - but fret not my pretty little flowers - Jake is at hand to take over!

Join him next week for what promises to be a wonderful blend of weird and wonderful tunes - and maybe even some suprises - if you're lucky!

Posted at 00:01, 1st May 2009

the return.....

The Full Tilt Boogie Hour // 16.04.09

After the success of his first outing and visit to SubCity Radio, Jake has decided to come back for more madness and will also bring his trusty old guitar along with him to sing a few songs....

Join us for a singalong, "Guess that Tune" and some weird and wonderful songs from somehwere out there....

Thursday at 9-10 A.M.....

Posted at 12:58, 9th April 2009

special guests!

The Full Tilt Boogie Hour // 09.04.09

The Full Tilt Boogie Hour is proud to Present very special guests - Void Pleasantries appearing Live in the Studio - Plugging their new EP and playing some songs!

It will make you very happy.... Yes!

Tune in on Thursday 9/4/09 9-10 AM.


Posted at 13:30, 2nd April 2009

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