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Hektor Ruiez - Theez Boyz R Athletes Exclusive!

Theez Boyz R Athletes // 2200-0000 23.10.10

hektor ruiez - theez boyz r athletes exclusive!

Following his release from a Tijuana prison earlier this week Hustlin' Hektor Ruiez met up with us on Wednesday to hand over this exclusive 'Woolworths' mix. 45 months inside one of Mexicos toughest jails has done little to alter the warped head of Ruiez, 61, and over a plate of his customary fish and eggs Hektor was keen to put to bed fresh allegations surroundng his private life. Both Layman and Romance were shocked recently to read about claims 'The Quiet Man of Bargain Bin Rave' had spearheaded a plot to secretly convert a Chilean primary school into a meth kitchen. We asked Hekto for answers and he gave us this mix. Tune in on Saturday night for all the sordid details.

Posted at 02:30, 22nd October 2010


You've Got The Power
Win Swamplands
Twist (LOL Boys Remix)
Hot City Palm Out Sounds
LV ft. Okmalumkoolkat Hyperdub
Hoovers & Spraycans
Mark One Recherche
Get Away
Max Retro 2001
About You (Karizma Remix)
Tonya Renee Home
0h 27m 40s // Live phone interview with Hustlin' Hektor Ruiz.
0h 33m 35s // Hektor Ruiez - Bargain Bin Rave
No Idea
Earth Leakage Trip moving shadow
Summers Magic
Mark Summers 4th & Broadway
Skin Up Love
A Juicy Red Apple
Skin Up Love
Roobarb & Custard
Shaft Great Asset
Quadrophonia (Extended Mix)
Quadrophonia ARS productions
Hi Tech
Dj DD Hass and X 10 Civ Underground Connection
Birds Dance
T -Birds Dance Factory!
Atom Heart
Whitehouse rising high
1h 01m 41s // Theez Boyz shout outs of gratitude
Confess To Acid Remix
C Of E rising high
Dominator (Joey Beltram Program 2 Remix)
Human Resource Logic
Get Down
M D Emm Strictly Underground
Cape Fear
Shut Up & Dance Shut Up & Dance
J R Hartley
Fortran 5 Mute
Far Out
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Boogie Times
9 is a Classic (Ultimate Rave Mix)
Ace The Space Dance Ecstasy
Play it Loud
Knight Phantom rising high
Rave In The Bedroom
Low Noise Block rising high
Respect Is Due
DJ Nex Stafford North
Militant Core
Industrial High Sapho
Sunday Raver
Son Of God Strictly Hardcore
This Sound Is For The Underground
Krome & Time Suburban Base
1h 11m 41s // End of Hektor Ruiz mix + studio appreciation.
U Got 2 Let The Music
Capella Internal Dance
1h 55m 24s // Final Theez Boyz sign off.
I Like To Move It
Reel 2 Reel Feel The Rhythm

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