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chiptune // booty // electro // happyhardcore // rnb

Nugget and the Ghetto Scientist are taking over your internets! The Death by Radio Adventures was formed from a special episode of Let's Get Physical so time-travel and actual scientists may be involved. With special guests big booty bass, happy hardcore taken seriously, impromptu rapping, ZX81 game music, aqua-crunky r'n'b and any sound made on a Gameboy. This is the retro-future.


level 7: cinnabar island

The Death by Radio Adventures // 17.02.11 // Level 7: Cinnabar Island

Ciaran and Kirstin have rounded up enough high level Pokemon to fight Blaine in his Cinnabar Island gym. We'll be playing songs at him to hopefully get that Volcano Badge. Wish us luck! Because we want to be the very best.

Posted at 12:51, 17th February 2011

level 3: you sunk my battleship!

The Death by Radio Adventures // 11.11.10 // Level 3: you sunk my battleship!

Since the last episode's game of spin the bottle went so drastically wrong, Ciaran and Kirstin will be playing a game of something less dangerous this time. All hands on deck, because we're bringing out Battleships. Hopefully we will have some allies in this game of naval strategy. Email in your grid co-ordinates and who you are firing at (Ciaran or Kirstin) to [email protected] or text the word 'subcity' followed by your taunts (eg "my pocket cruiser is bigger than yours.") to 07766404142. This oceanic struggle will have some suitably wet tunes from the almost-made-up genre of aquacrunk from Ciaran and some surprise tunes from Kirstin.

Tune in to at 1pm this Thursday and enjoy.

Posted at 05:49, 10th November 2010

level 2: spooky goings on

The Death by Radio Adventures // 28.10.10 // Level 2: spooky goings on

Join Kirstin, Ciaran and their detective Great Dane as they investigate the spooky goings on in the Subcity Studio. Many signs point to a creepy property developer trying to scare the locals into leaving. Or maybe it is ghosts or vampires. Damn those spooky bloodsuckers! Jinkies!

Posted at 03:55, 28th October 2010

level 1: opens with a bang and some worm chat

The Death by Radio Adventures // 14.10.10 // Level 1: opens with a bang

Update! We talked a lot about worms. It is better than it sounds. We also played some good Lando Kal versus Lazer Sword stuff and a pile of chiptune eg Unicorn Kid. Catch it on listen again at and enjoy!

Posted at 23:19, 14th October 2010

level 1: opens with a bang

The Death by Radio Adventures // 14.10.10 // Level 1: opens with a bang

We interrupt your regular listening with a BANG! Nugget and Ciaran have finally arrived and to start off they've brought a whole heap of hefty bangin tunes to rip up the Subcity studio with. In their record bags are the hardest chiptune anthems and the most pounding electro beats. Turn your speakers up loud and enjoy The Death by Radio Adventures.


Posted at 02:31, 14th October 2010