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Spastic Fantastic Mixtape

The Crasier Frane Show // 1200-1300 24.11.08


Hardcore! Pizza!! Comic Books!!!
George Harrison White Label
Weg Mit Der Gestamtscheisse
Nihil Baxter Spastic Fantastic
In The Bin
The Omnipresent Disease Spastic Fantastic
German Comedians
Piazza Dropout Sengaja
Stack White Label
Love Hate Relationships
Rosenbombs 625Thrash Core
Turnschuh (Swoosh)
Alarmstufe Gerd Spastic Fantastic
Luzifer Isn Arschloch
Adolf Hitler Klan White Label
The Running Man Runs For Office
Machine Gun Romantics 625Thrash Core
Cowboys Can Skate Too
AxRxMx White Label
Omar, Where's My Weed?
AxRxMx White Label
Theme Song
Surf Nazis Must Die White Label
Don't Barge In
Chuck Damage Shock & Awe
Instant Asshole Tank Crime
Cut Your Teeth
Killin It White Label
Scheiß Mücken
Napolean Dynamite Spastic Fantastic
Drop The Bomb
Scholastic Deth 625Thrash Core
Standing Room Only
Killin It White Label
8 Inches Of Crap, 7 Inches of Passion
I Object Punks Before Profits
Shadows and Demons
Conquest For Death Wajlemac
Adolf Hitler Klan White Label
Wie Über Uns
Undressed Army Spastic Fantastic
Sick of You
cK White Label
Green-Hell Punks, Fuck Off
Regina Regenbogen White Label
Call More Dudes Pt. 2 (Call More Gay Dudes)
In Defense White Label
Gerd Gegen Den Rest Der Welt
Alarmstufe Gerd Spastic Fantastic
Burritos Are An Always Food
Cookie Mosher White Label
Everybody Is A Cop
Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck! Give Praise
Puink Is Dead
Nihil Baxter Spastic Fantastic
What Should I Do?
Epileptic Terror Attack Deranged
The Italian Stallion White Label
O Que Tem de Vivisecção no Inferno
La Revancha White Label
Over The Top Spastic Fantastic
O.K. We're Pop
Lights Out White Label
Bandana United Us
George Harrison White Label
Tiger Uppercut! Anthem: Critically Chill
Tigger Uppercut! White Label
God Is Broken
Terrorize Kids Hardware
Nothing To Regret
Sniffing Glue Spastic Fantastic
All Inclusive Friendship
Some Came Running Rising Riot
Don't You Feel It
Lipkick Spastic Fantastic
I Hate Fashion
Cut The Shit Gloom
It's OK Not To Trust Your President
Margaret Thrasher White Label
The Omnipresent Disease Spastic Fantastic
Losers on a Mission
Thrashington DC La FÚe Verte
Instant Asshole Tank Crime
Microwave Drugs
The Hatepinks TKO
Shut Up!
Toxic Avenger White Label
Yuppie Dance
Tatot Toilet Flight 13
Theme Of Sam Neill
Sam Neill White Label
Galaxor Kill All Human
Sidetracked Rising Riot
Dead End David White Label
Jaques She Rock White Label
Cool Kids H8 Cops
Shoyu Squad White Label
Kommisar X White Label

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