The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 11th May 2010

The Crasier Frane Show

2200-2300 06.10.09


Pine On
Obits Sub Pop
Scheme of Modern War
November 13th Tofu Guerilla
November 13th Behind the Scenes
I've Got Afflictions EP
Social Circkle No Way
North Lincoln No Idea
Uppvaxt Till Svin
Skitkids Not Enough
Breaking The Law
Judas Priest Epic
Do You Still Hate Me?
Jawbreaker Tupelo
Assfactor 4 Old Glory
Attempted Control
Assfactor 4 Old Glory
Burn No Bridges
Gray Matter Dischord
Japanese Title
Blowback HG Fact
Chip on your shoulder
Cocksparrer Decca
Master Wicked
Marked Men Dirtnap

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