The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 11th May 2010

The Crasier Frane Show

1200-1300 09.02.09


Vivian Girls
Fucked Up Jade Tree
Life of Doubt
God Equals Genocide White Label
Fight in the Pit
Haymaker Deranged
John Wayne Was a Nazi
MDC R Radical
Regina Regenbogen White Label
The Todd Killings
Angry Samoans Triple X
I Hate Bill Clinton
A.N.S. Party Time
Adolf Hitler Klan White Label
Beach Slam
Brutal Knights Trash
Bruce Banner Max Louco
Viva O Cir Co Sem Animals
xReverx White Label
Terrorist Attack
Citizens Patrol No Way
Terminal Preppie
Dead Kennedys Alternative Tentacles
Descendents New Alliance
The Hives Burning Heart
With Make Up and a Push Up Bra
The Tangled Line Punks Before Profits
Anthem: Critically Chill
Tiger Uppercut! White Label
Toxic Toys
Razor's Edge Pizza of Death
The Girl Next Door
Screeching Weasel Lookout!
Dr. Wu
Minutemen SST
In My Eyes
Minor Threat Dischord
Mad Men White Label
Tough Guy
LxExAxRxNx To Live a Lie
Cherry Beach
Career Suicide Sewercide
Fuck Bar Culture
Coke Bust Third Party

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