The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 11th May 2010


The Crasier Frane Show // 0100-0200 16.09.09


Drinkin' Problem
The Vee Bees Ocker
Seized By Facists
A.N.S. Tank Crimes
False Jeisi Part 2
Pissed Jeans Sub Pop
Ultimate Thrush Winning Sperm Party
Jackie Onassis White Label
Needles and Pins
Ramones Sire
Police Brutality
Urban Waste Mob Style
Night of the Motherfucker
Ripping Headache White Label
Beastie Boys Rat Cage
Time Has Come Today
Angry Samoans Bad Trip
Human Cannonball
Butthole Surfers Latino Burger Veil
Motorcycle Leather Boy
Guitar Wolf Matador
Down The Street
Annihilation Time Manic Ride

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