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Following their ever-popular podcast of idleness, Brian and Andy are back with The Couch Club - Subcity Radio's new Saturday breakfast show! Listeners can enjoy a great blend of features and popular music, all brought to you with the irrepressible banter that made The Couch Club a hit.

Calling idlers everywhere - sit back, kick off your shoes, enjoy!


we were on a break!

The Couch Club // 21.05.11 // We Were On A Break!

Oh yes, the lads are back this week...wait, where did they go? Actually they were here all along but a technical difficulty (apparently Brian's fault) prevented the recent shows from actually broadcasting. Well now they're definitely back and on air. This week, look forward to some life-changing news and events, a big catch-up on the 'World of Twitter' and all the usual Saturday fun including BAGEL and a stellar bunch of tunes.

Join us from 9-11am this Saturday on

The Couch Club - Tireless on the Wireless

Posted at 09:25, 20th May 2011

a three letter word (and it's not bum)

The Couch Club // 19.03.11 // A Three Letter Word (and it's not bum)

Join us live this Saturday morning for musical mayhem as we chart all the greatest bands using the word 'the' somewhere in their title. Along with the usual toe-tappers, we'll keep you up to date with the latest and strangest news from around the world, all the goings on on twitter and in the world of celebrities and technology, not to mention the local news from 'the best to the worst' (it's basically where we pick a tabloid and a broadsheet and chat about a couple of stories from each).

Anyway, tune your webby dial to http// from 9-11am and make your life a whole lot better!

The Couch Club - Tireless on the wireless

Posted at 15:54, 18th March 2011

national procrastination week

The Couch Club // 12.03.11 // National Procrastination Week


Scott Kyle, Artistic Director of the hugely successful NLP Theatre Company, joins us this Saturday to talk all things theatre. we'll hear his inspirational story and find out all about the exciting productions the company has lined up for the months to come!

We know what you're thinking...why procrastinate when you can do it later? Well, let us do the hard work for you this Saturday morning. All you need do is tune your dial to from 9-11am and relax to the sound of great tunes and inspiration banter from the dream team, Brian & Andy.

Last week, we brought you the daftest news of the day, a full round-up from the worlds of celebrities, technology and twitter and a classic BAGEL. This Saturday you're in for a treat - more daft gossip, belting tunes and witty chat to wake you up with a smile on your face, ready to begin the weekend!

Join us, won't you?


The Couch Club - Tireless on the wireless

Posted at 08:09, 9th March 2011

one plus three plus five plus seven equals sixteen

The Couch Club // 05.03.11 // One plus Three plus Five plus Seven equals Sixteen

Good day and a very happy 16th birthday to subcity! In celebration we bring you a jam-packed 120 minutes of fun and laughter so that you can start your weekend (and the rest of your life) as you mean to go on. Be on the lookout for our World of Twitter where we bring you all the latest from the micro-bloggers, our weird and wonderful News segment and of course the always joyous BAGEL (Brian and Andy Get Everywhere Loads).

Topping it all off there's the usual great tunes, a special appearance from producer Alan Morgan and the positive thought for the day.

Tune your dial to from 9-11 this Saturday.

The Couch Club - 'Tireless on the wireless'

Posted at 09:16, 3rd March 2011

liquid sunshine

The Couch Club // 26.02.11 // Liquid Sunshine

Another Saturday and another Couch Club. Drawing on some ancient wisdom, we refuse to despise the Glasgow weather. Instead we think of the rain as 'liquid sunshine' and we embrace it in all its glory. Come join us for joyous banter, a belting bunch of tunes and the little lift you might just need on your Saturday morning. 9am, be there!

Posted at 17:39, 23rd February 2011

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