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Welcome to Phase Two. This year we have a new-format show. We've still got themes, but we're making them work harder for us. As well as the finest hand-picked music, we've got interviews and a new sci-fi serial called Tropic Of Clyde. We're building a theme map, and each fortnight, our bespoke theme-bola decides the topic of the next show to which we will dutifully respond. It's all totally above board, so come with us - co-operate!


a commune with the spirits

The Co-operative // 17.04.11 // Ghosts

He didn't know whether a ghost so transparent might find himself in a condition to take a chair, and felt that in the event of its being impossible, it might involve the necessity of an embarrassing explanation. But the ghost sat down on the opposite side of the fireplace, as if he were quite used to it.
Charles Dickens

This week, drifting through the ether towards you is our show on Ghosts. Music includes some great folk songs, the original version of Riders In The Sky and a couple of tracks from Esopus magazine inspired by ouija boards. We listen to some different ghost noises and Dave and Sean get a bit carried away à la Ghost.

Posted at 18:28, 17th April 2011

house sounds

The Co-operative // 03.04.11 // Buildings

Strange, she thought, pausing on the landing, and assembling that diamond shape, that single person, strange how a mistress knows the very moment, the temper of her house! Faint sounds rose in spirals up the well of the stairs; the swish of a mop; tapping; knocking; a loudness when the front door opened; a voice repeating a message in the basement; the chink of silver on a tray; clean silver for a party. All was for the party.
Virginia Woolf

This week, Buildings. We made a trip to St Peter's Seminary at Cardross, near Glasgow. A seminary is a training college for priests, and this one is quite spectacular. It was built in the '60s, but it's already derelict - a modern masterpiece with the atmosphere of an ancient ruin. We spoke to Mark Baines at GSA about this intriguing building. While you're listening, you can look at pictures on our blog. We also have half a feature on the fascinating London Sound Survey. More on this next time when our theme is Ghosts.

Posted at 13:55, 4th April 2011

have you seen any rainbows recently?

The Co-operative // 20.03.11 // Colour

On the table beside the thurible, a brightly coloured book was lying open. I approached and saw four strips of different colours on the page: yellow, cinnabar, turqouise and burnt sienna. A dragon was set there, horrible to see, a great dragon with ten heads, dragging after him the stars of the sky... And suddenly I saw the dragon multiply, and the scales of his hide become a kind of forest of glittering shards that came off the page and took to circling around my head.
Umberto Eco

This week, Colour. We have a spectrum of pleasures for you - great music, as always, and an intriguing feature about the Glasgow Colour Studies Group.

Posted at 13:14, 4th April 2011

you got to walk home, baby

The Co-operative // 06.03.11 // Transport

I thought I heard the creaking of an ancient ship: ropes and timbers straining to hold it all together. An awful chorus of discordant screeching and scraping, it was, before some final coming-apart. But the sound came not from beyond the windows, nor even the bed where I failed to sleep. I was sickened to discover that the sound came from me, and that I was that creaking ship.
Mick Jackson

This week, Transport is our theme. Cars, trains, planes, spaceships, tractors, hovercraft, pogo sticks - we discuss how we have and haven't travelled, and place the pleasures of boats in their correct order. There's a story about a moral dilemma on board a speeding train. Songs, variations on these themes, including Sun Ra, Elvis, The Young Knives and T-Rex.

Here is a complimentary ticket across cyberspace to our blog. Travel safely.

Posted at 19:46, 13th March 2011

sweetness and light

The Co-operative // 20.02.11 // In the factory for our Tunnocks special

What can I say? Possibly the most glorious moment of our little lives, we visited the Tunnocks factory in Uddingston to talk to Boyd Tunnock, the head of a mighty biscuit dynasty. I hesitate to compare this to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because, frankly, it was better. Look at some awesome pictures of our trip here.

Posted at 19:45, 13th March 2011

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